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A Motorcycle Chrome Polish Product with Lots of Advantages

24 Mar

Those who own expensive motorcycles such as an Ecosse ES1, Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship, or a Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16 would surely want to be careful about the aspect of cleaning the unit. Cleaning it would include polishing and buffing the metal surfaces. Without its shiny parts, a motorcycle would look dull and boring. […]

Polish Your Stainless Steel

03 Jan

Sheen Genie is hands down the best product to polish stainless steel on the market today. For the first time since it was first produced and manufactured, Sheen Genie is available to the mass public from our website. Previous to the launch of this website, it was mainly available via local car shows. Sheen Genie […]

The Best Metal Polishing Product

21 Sep

We would like to share the benefit and ease of use for the best metal polishing product on the market. Metal polishing has traditionally relied upon harsh abrasives and petroleum based solvents for effectiveness.  This is a tremendous drawback to any collector and proud owner of automobiles, as it carries the potential to ruin the […]

Aluminum Polish Trade Secret

10 Sep

Sheen Genie is changing the way the world looks at how to polish aluminum. It may not seem possible, but you’ll find that Sheen Genie has completely revolutionized metal polish and polishing technique.  Is there an aluminum polish trade secret? Yes. For the first time ever this opens metal polishing to everyone in ways previously […]

Our New Website

23 Jul

Our website is coming online soon! We hope you like it better than the old one. Stay tuned for updates and additional information.  We hope to launch new products soon.  We’d love see you at the next car show nearest you.  Be sure to stop by and say “hello”.  For the best news and updated […]