Do I Need to Use A Buffer or Wheel With The Metal Polish?

Another great question that we are asked frequently at the car and trade shows we attend often:

Do I need to use a buffer or wheel for with the metal polish to get maximum results?

Many of our avid readers and faithful metal polish customers already are aware of today’s blog post as an answer that helps to answer information regarding the existence of buffers, the use and whether or not you should use with Sheen Genie High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner.

I think it’s safe to say many of you especially new comers or the seasoned metal polisher owns, or has at least used a buffer of some kind in the past. There are many different types of buffers and “wheels” that exist in today’s market. These buffers range from basic hand held cordless devices to high RPM style used in many metal polishing shops.

For the enthusiasts that aren’t making a living from polishing metal they’re typically using a store purchased hand held buffer. Many popular brand-name buffers have created their own style with a cool and unique design that are highly marketable. All of them offering a slightly different shape to tackle those “impossibly hard to reach places”.buffer wheel and metal polisher

Car detailing continues to become more involved all the time.  The recent popularity of buffers and polishers in the mainstream has resulted in a lot of worthless tools hitting the market. The truth is that with Sheen Genie metal polish, you won’t need to use too many of them. Machine polishers can be used to tackle a very heavily deteriorated finish or just as a tool to make a detailing job easier. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast, a novice, or a professional detailer, there are different kinds of mechanical buffers to fit your level of experience and help you accomplish desired results. Some people will tell you that once you use a buffer you’ll never go back. With Sheen Genie… that might not be the case.

The Skinny on Buffing Wheels for Metal Polish Application

Here’s the skinny on buffers they were created to eliminate the elbow grease, the rubbing and buffing and all the effort the majority of polishes and application require in order to restore and polish the metal(s). Ever wonder why? Metals are porous and the build up can be severe, applying abrasives you’re literally scratching the build up. It’s a manual method of removal. Buffers just help the polisher apply more effort because they’re able to use more applied pressure than by a hand application.

Which brings us to the difference that makes the difference. Sheen Genie is for one of many reasons utilizes a non-abrasive formula. With 30 specialized and designed especially for today’s problematic areas and applications in metal polishing there’s simply no requirement for the use of a buffer. Further more the level of gloss is much higher because fine layers of the metal aren’t being scratched away, in turn leaving the finish smoother and ultimately a higher gloss/shine. However, many customers who’ve been so use to polishing being such a job ask if they can use Sheen Genie with their buffer or wheel. The answer is yes! Sheen Genie can absolutely be used with any type of buffer. If you haven’t purchased one yet and we were able to get to you before that purchase was made were going to recommend not throwing your money away. While a buffer is not needed, it can potentially help save a little on the elbow grease and help you get those big jobs done quickly.

If you have any particular questions in regards to using a buffer with Sheen Genie please don’t hesitate to email us. We understand your application may been very unique and specific and we would like to give you all the reassurance you need to be a confident metal polisher!

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