4 Reasons You Don’t Want Abrasives in Your Metal Polish Formula

Many people stop by our booths at the various shows we attend and ask a lot of questions about why they should consider Sheen Genie and maybe not their current metal polish brand. There are many reasons, but 1 particular reason stands out and we spend a lot of time talking about it. Let’s save everyone a little time and give you that reason: abrasives. Below are 4 reasons why you don’t want abrasives in your metal polish, even though many companies put them in their formulas… on purpose. Whoa!

Question: Why would you want to buff/scratch your metal surfaces with something so abrasive?

  1. Sometimes you can feel the small sand-like abrasives if you place a small amount of metal polish product between your index finger and thumb and rub them together you’ll feel a grit feeling in the polish product. Some people have likened the feeling to some facial scrubs for your face.
  2. After you’ve taken your metal polish and rubbed it between your finger and thumb, some people tell us that they just don’t feel much of anything, so how do they know if there are abrasives present? Just because you don’t feel abrasives doesn’t mean there isn’t in there.don't use abrasives in your metal polish
  3. Smoother surfaces don’t need to be scratched to become glossy. In fact you need something without any grit to created the highest possible gloss. Sheen Genie has taken this to heart when we developed our metal polishing formula. There are no abrasives whatsoever. We’ve been able to find the best possible solution through trial after trial of testing. Small chemical reactions on the metal surface will eat away any foreign substance that causes oxidation without even rubbing or buffing the surface. The smoother the surface the higher the gloss you can achieve without using any abrasives. Using abrasives on any level isn’t going to provide a molecular polishing or the higher shine possible. If anything, it’s taking away any protective layers that were applied during the manufacturing process. Eliminate the buffing and get the shine you want without harming the surface. If you can’t tell yet, abrasives are common with many companies and they’re a big NO-NO.
  4. Using a buffing wheel just ads an exponential layer to the abrasive problem. Driving the grit into your metal surface willonly remove and scratch away more of the surface and help you get through the protective layers exposing the sub-layers, which are able to oxidize, more quickly. In an effort to remove the elbow grease more quickly, this is a bad idea with most metal polish brands. Additionally, be careful of those brands that require a buffing wheel because that is what activates their polishing capabilities. This is because the formula is cheap and little thought was put into the polish manufacturing and quality.

When you open a metal polish from other brand names, you’ll find that after only sitting for just a few hours that the formula is separating. If the polish separates it means the heavy abrasives are sinking to the bottom and oils are rising to the top. For this reason, you’ll see that the majority of metal polishes recommend you shake the polish product well before use. If you decide to use one of these brands, it would be a good idea to re-mix the product so that you can get the desired results… Or, you can give Sheen Genie metal polish a go and not worry about how it comes out of the bottle, because there’s nothing to separate. If you have read our Metal Polish FAQ, you’ll find that our well-researched metal polish formula is water based. There are no oils or any other ingredients to cause separation.

Think of it this way… would you use sand paper and Vasoline (petroleum jelly) on your metal surface to make it look better? Obviously not. This is essentially what your doing when you use most other brands of metal polish. It’s only going to harm your metal surface in the long run. Even though we’re a little biased, we recommend that you don’t do that.

This is just another of many reasons why Sheen Genie has thought this through and has claimed the spot of the best metal polish brand in the market today.

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