Why Buy Sheen Genie

Whether you are new to metal polishing products or are a seasoned veteran with years of experience, at Sheen Genie, our goal is for you to be educated on the various technologies available today so that you can make the best choice when it comes to your metal care. We want you to know the answer to “Why buy Sheen Genie?”

Wikipedia says it best with this statement: “Polishing is often used to enhance the looks of an item, prevent contamination of instruments, remove oxidation, create a reflective surface, or prevent corrosion. In metallography and metallurgy, polishing is used to create a flat, defect-free surface for examination of a metal’s micro-structure under a microscope.

The most common metal polishing compounds utilize heavy abrasives in their formulas. For decades this has been the traditional practice. It’s interesting because over the years, the abrasives used in metal polish formulas have evolved to becoming less and less about the cutting away of the grime and more about the polishing.  Sheen Genie is not fully convinced that traditional methods are the way to go.  We’ve scientifically proven this. We wanted to learn everything there is to know about abrasives and what we discovered caused us (the metal care enthusiasts) to question best practices. We’d like to share some of those discoveries with you.

Scratching the Surface Makes it Better? Nope!

  • Abrasives are made from both natural and synthetic materials that vary in size for different metal type applications. Some common examples of an abrasive are Aluminum Oxide and Chromium Oxide. These abrasives are designed to remove surface buildup and dullness by literally scratching and cutting it off. It’s critical to precisely match the size abrasive in a compound to the specific metal being polished. If you chose the wrong one you can easily damage the metal by cutting through protective layers, use more product than necessary, or more physical effort than needed. We felt like there had to be a better way to do this.  You’ll find that there are absolutely no abrasives in the Sheen Genie formula. Even without harmful abrasives in your standard formula, we’ve been able to engineer a product that truly polishes metal, bringing out that original shine without all of the wear and tear you get from using those damaging abrasives. At Sheen Genie, we’ve proven that abrasives aren’t needed for proper metal care.
  • Typical metal polishing products contain a petroleum base. It’s important to know why we don’t believe in petroleum solvents. Abrasive materials require a petroleum base to ‘deliver’ the product and prevent it from ‘clumping. It’s also used as a solvent to push away any oils. In other words, it’s the only way to make an abrasive compound with a viscosity capable of extruding through a bottle cap. Hazards of this technology are black residue and flammability. The black residue is the result of petroleum being heated through friction on metal. This can bond and prematurely haze metal as a thin layer of oil is actually left on the surface. Moreover, it’s also a time consuming process that simply isn’t required if no petroleum solvents are present. Sheen Genie found that a petroleum base is not only harmful, but can further deteriorate your metal surface.  This causes the life of the metal to shorten! For this major purpose, Sheen Genie has been able to formulate a water based polishing product.

We set a big challenge before our chemists: to create the finest metal polish on the market today and also to make it simple. We also challenged them to accomplish this with a ‘user-friendly’ concept. The most radical of this is our formula. We create shine by means of a soft chemical reaction not just the physical act of polishing. Our lack of solvents and oils also aid tremendously in the final results and longevity of the shine that’s created.

Creating the perfect texture or viscosity plays a much more significant role than we ever imagined. With test after test, we discovered that too many polishes are thin and require far more product than is financially reasonable for even one application. Some products required and entire bottle of metal polish for just 1 use! Others are a thick paste, which requires more physical effort and watering down than needed. After several years of research and development in our laboratory we finally had our ‘eureka’ moment. We created the perfect solution that doesn’t utilize harmful abrasives or petroleum.  It’s formulated from a water base which is not harmful and allows for the best shine with minimal effort. This will even save you cost of having to buy more polish.  A win-win-win solution.

Recent technology advances in chemistry led us to a better understanding of metal surface issues and a simple to use product and how to protect it. At this point, we are extremely confident that Sheen Genie offers the finest polish ever created.

Keep High Gloss Shine with Our Metal Sealer

The sealer + repellent is one of the biggest kept secrets of why the Sheen Genie total metal care solution is so successful. It’s another answer to why buy Sheen Genie. Protecting the metal surface after you’ve polished only makes sense! We want you to keep that sheen and new luster you’ve just worked for and brought back. Polishing is only the first step in proper metal care. Once it’s shiny, how do I prolong that shine? It makes perfect sense that a polished object begins losing that shine as soon as it comes in contact with the elements of the environment. As wax creates a protective finish on painted surfaces, Sheen Genie Sealer creates a clear protective barrier for metal surfaces.

You’ll find that with most standard abrasive metal polishes that your metal will ‘pit’ over time.  Sheen Genie has been able to formulate an excellent solution that will not only preserve the polished look and feel, but help you retain the gloss long term.  This is excellent because it’s less effort on, on your part, to keep the best look longer.

Unlike most companies, we don’t want our products in the hands of anyone that doesn’t need it. We believe that an informed consumer makes decisions based on genuine need, not impulse. We believe the first time you use Sheen Genie, will be the last time you use anything else. That is why all Sheen Genie Products come with not only our promise but our guarantee!’