Stainless Steel Polish

We’ve all seen and heard it before. Sometimes keeping up the high gloss on stainless steel surfaces can be a pain. Specifically when you have to continually re-polish over and over again every week. The Sheen Genie metal polish system is a revolutionary new stainless steel polish. It differs radically from traditional stainless steel polish in that instead of using harsh abrasives, metal sanding, and buffing. Sheen Genie uses a water and polymer system that causes a chemical reaction that removes oxidation. Oxidation is the enemy of metal is the primary cause of rust and metal staining. Now, with Sheen Genie’s patented system it is possible to remove years of oxidation buildup on stainless steel surfaces in minutes without the use of excessive force, harsh abrasives, or buffing.

Sheen Genie is a smooth, viscous cream that is unlike water think polishes or paste polishes. The viscous nature of the cream is designed for maximum penetration into the pores of the metal to combat oxidation directly with the metal. Our scientifically designed formula makes it possible to spread out the Sheen Genie formula while still ensuring constant thickness which ensures maximum coverage on the treatable surface of the stainless steel. Sheen Genie can be used as a buffer, if so desired. Using a buffer on known porous metals where oxidation surface build up is the worst works quite well for best results. Applying Sheen Genie on older metal parts with heavy buildup is most commonly accomplished using a terry cloth towel. The ultimate benefit of using a buffer is that it spreads Sheen Genie effectively and faster than using a terry cloth with which may yield in quicker results. On smaller surfaces, using a buffer will not save time, and may detract from the deoxidation cycle. Don’t forget that the metal polish + cleaner as well as the sealer + protectant were designed to simply be wiped on and immediately wiped off

Sheen Genie specifically works on rust build up you find on normal stainless steel surfaces. Our formula works by passing through rust to the metal beneath and removing oxide buildup that caused the rust to begin with. Instead of requiring additional effort, the Sheen Genie process removes surface rust via light chemical reaction. That’s right, it will eat the oxidation away and leave only the perfect bare metal surface that’s as pure as the day it was created. In the case of lingering rust after an initial application, reapply, wipe off, and your rust problem should be taken care. It may take several treatments to work through years of oxide and rust buildup. Use your best judgment.

Stainless steel is known for its difficulty in rusting and oxidizing, however that resistance does not make stainless steel impervious to oxidation and rusting. The only way to ensure that your metal surface retains it shine and gloss is to treat it regularly with Sheen Genie. Now remember that when we say regularly, we’re not saying that you need to reapply every few weeks, but more like every couple of months. Our stainless steel polish is formulated to last. In fact, our tests have shown that you need to use the ‘other brands metal polishes 3 times more often to keep the same shine and glossy look to your stainless steel surface.

After the initial treatment of Sheen Genie stainless steel metal surfaces will have a deep gloss that lasts. Our metal polish solution includes our ever important sealer + protectant which will allow your deep gloss to last for several months as opposed to just a few days. The sealer + protectant will actually seal the surface of the metal (after the polishing of course) and keep the shine protected from the external elements. The ultimate job is to keep oxidation or elemental buildup away.

When we have spoken with our buying customers, they tell us stories about how they know someone (usually a neighbor) who has Sheen Genie. After use, they have realized just how long the shine lasts. You won’t find hard water spots on your metal surface after a rain storm. In fact, we know several customers who are concerned about ‘acid rain and want to protect their toys or chrome trim, so they use Sheen Genie to make sure they don’t have to worry about dirty rain, acid rain, or smoggy environment having an effect on their stainless steel and chrome surfaces.

Take it from us, give this stainless steel polish a shot. We think you’ll be so happy with the results and ease of use that you’ll be back to buy more.