Jewelry Polish

Why Choose Sheen Genie for Jewelry Polish?

Sheen Genie is the one of the very best jewelry polish compounds you’ll find. What? You thought that just because our metal polish + cleaner treats so many automotive parts so well that it didn’t work on your most precious possession? Nah! Sheen Genie has been scientifically designed to polish metal in the most basic and safest manner possible, attacking the base cause of metal oxidation and removing it. Sheen Genie is capable of removing years of oxidation buildup in minutes, though sometimes it requires multiple applications, and without needing to use harsh abrasives or chemical to achieve the beautiful look in jewelry sheen and shine. That is why Sheen Genie is perfect as a jewelry polish: it can easily, without requiring any scrubbing or possibility to damaging the delicate jewelry polish precious metals.

Sheen Genie’s secret is in the compound’s ability to target oxidation at the source. Oxidation is one of the natural enemies of metal in that it causes rusting and staining, when applicable. Converning jewelry that means that Sheen Genie will be able to remove metal stains, and Sheen Genie is also able to fill in micro scratches. Sheen Genie is the ideal metal polish for jewelry because it does not affect the value of the jewelry in a negative manner, while restoring and maintaining the shine, polish, and luster that it once had.

Also remember that Sheen Genie’s sealer can be used to protect future oxidation and dirt from occurring after the initial polish. Using the sealer ‘seals” in the polish and gloss of the metal after Sheen Genie has deoxidized the jewelry. The sealer + repellent functions and holds up your newly polished surface for up to six months after initial jewelry polishing, so it is recommended to reapply
both the primary Sheen Genie compound and the sealer every six months for best results. If you’re looking for the ultimate in jewelry sheen and shine, we recommend that you start here.

Professional Jewelry Polish and Cleaner

The truth is that getting your jewelry cleaned professionally from a jeweler will make your jewelry shine and sparkle better than anything else. Polishing jewelry is usually done at a jeweler using a high tech sonic pulse bath. It is similar to using a dishwasher, but also uses high pitched noises to affect micro abrasions to polish the jewelry. While the end result is very shiny jewelry, it also strips a small layer of metal off of the jewelry to attain it. Again, while this may not seem like a big deal in small doses, over the years the net result will be diminished precious metal carat and value. This is a major difference in how Sheen Genie works to traditional modern jewelry polishing. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to be able to polish your jewelry at the jewelers on a weekly basis, nor would you really want to. Sheen Genie’s purpose is going to help you between your visits and will keep that sheen and shine you’re looking for long term.