Customer Service

At Sheen Genie, customer service is just as important to us as providing the most technologically advanced products on the market today. We pride ourselves in prompt and accurate order filling and expedient shipping.

Our customer service department has only one goal and that is your complete satisfaction. Our team of customer service professionals has the authority to make immediate decisions regarding your order. If you order it today it you’ll see it in the next 7 business days at your door.

As a Sheen Genie enthusiast you have access to our technical staff to answer questions pertaining to our products. If you want to know how to best utilize it, what surfaces it should be applied to, how long the shelf life is, where it can be seen at a local event, or anything that better serves you, you will receive a rapid response to your questions. Contact us through our web site form or send an email to the address shown below. We are here to serve you. It’s our pleasure.