Customer Reviews

Jeffrey L Kreider

So... Sheen Genie. Had this on [my Corvette] for over a month now. First the all metal polish and cleaner, then a coat of the protectant and sealer. We've been to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, did a mystery cruise in upstate NY. All I have done is since is just a quick wipe down with a clean terry cloth. I am amazed by this stuff. I love it!

Cliff Hansen

I sure like this product. It is nice to use and works quite well on my 24 karat gold on my motorcycle.

Curtis Stewart

Sheen Genie is amazing.  It's a must try!

Paul Carter

I bought this product at Daytona's Bike week this year. My bike had been sitting for 2 years under a tarp, outside, and dead. I put it in the shop, used some Sheen Genie on it and it looks brand new. I stand behind this product. The wax spray works miracles. Great product!!!

Team Hahn Racing

I have always seen this product at shows and I just didn't want to purchase it to find out it doesn't work. While attending the Summit Piston Power Show it got the best of me. I know we had some older center-line rims to clean up for our team's Camaro. Clear coated chrome around the outside with aluminum inside. I used a power ball with your product. This polish works AWESOME!!!

Jim Grover

I just picked some up at the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway and this stuff is awesome. I recommend anyone wanting the "new polished metal" look to give Sheen Genie a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Carl Gooden

This product is the best I have ever seen. I saw a demonstration at the Detroit Autorama where an aluminum Pepsi can was polished and looked like chrome when he was done. Within a few seconds and very little polish or effort. Amazing! Can't wait to use it on my rims and chrome trim.

Raymond Carter

I use the cleaner + polish and sealer + repellent on all 3 of my motorcycles, truck wheels, and even polished my aluminum screen door!