Increase Headlight Clarity Now!

Sheen Genie have been oxidation specialist for a decade now in metal care we felt it was time to apply the same chemical engineering and advancements into the plastic lenses market. Introducing the 4 Headlights Lens Restorer! There are two reasons headlights dull: 1.) Suns UV Rays Stain leaving the lenses/headlights yellow. 2.) Oxygen reacting to the surface creating a white layer of oxidation to build. Predominantly causing the surface to fade out is the second, oxidation. Traditional headlights cleaners use abrasive ingredients which require buffing wheels. Adding time and cost to what should be a simple and affordable. Many auto body and repair shops receive a tremendous amount of requests they’ve even starting offering services as high as 70.00 to restore the headlights! Stop throwing your money away and start using Sheen Genie!

Sheen Genie is Easy enough for even a Novice Detailer!

Sheen Genie doesn’t require a buffing ball, wheel or flap for it to work in fact although a polishing towel is recommended we will go as far as to say a soft micro-fiber towel and some 4 Headlights Lens Restorer is all that is required now! It’s 2016 isn’t it time for the products to do the work? We believe so! Advancements in science now allow us to utilize ingenuity for todays problems vehicle and the auto industry are faced with. Especially designed for Headlights Sheen Genie is safe and easy to use! Simply take two quarter size drops of the product and wipe on. For Severe to heavy build up we recommend applying 5-6 lbs of pressure. If the product dries before all oxidation and yellowing have been removed simply repeat the same step. It’s that easy, that simple! Tip: If the moisture in your part of the country or world is below 50 degrees for more than 10 months out of the year we recommend applying once every six months and before winter. If normal weather conditions apply the recommended application is once every 12 months! No sealer is required or additional steps to ensure protection. Our 4 Headlights Lens Restorer makes the surface so smooth it requires that much exposure to the elements before any signs of hazing or clouding begin to appear. The smoother the surface the more difficult it is for them to cloud back over.

Sheen Genie is Guaranteed to Work!

As with all of our products our customers are put first. All of our products have been both field and lab tested. Our formulas are VOC Compliant and HazMat safe. For a decade now we’ve experienced an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and testimonials. Don’t take our word for it do some research for yourself! Some places to start would be on any of our social media site or third party sites who offer verified purchased testimonials from real life people who have used our products and have given them the highest possible rating. We’d like to invite you today to discover the latest, trust us you’ll be glad you did! In fact we’re so confident all of our products come with a money back guarantee!