Quick Detail Spray Wax

Quick Detail It With Sheen Genie Spray Wax!

For paint, plastics, and glass the Sheen Genie Quick Spray Wax Detailer is the go-to cleaner for hot rod and bike enthusiasts across the continental US. Formulated with only .01 petroleum solvents and 100% carnauba wax! Sheen Genie Quick Spray Wax Detailer is phenomenal for nearly every surface you choose to use it on. Some people call this type of product a waterless car wash as you can clean your ride without water. Sheen Genie is different than your typical waterless wash products as it will not strip any pre-existing waxes applied. Quite the opposite actually one quick application will cleanse the surface of unwanted impurities such as water-spots, pollen, bird marks, stains and hazing other cleaners, polishes, and waxes leave behind. Instead of removing layers of protective coatings left behind a hand applied wax or paint sealant our cleanses the surfaces and then adds a thin layer of protection filling in and deepening the gloss to a smoother surface!

Stop Stressing About It, Sheen Genie Has You Covered!

Whether your’e showing your ride at the show or your’e riding across country with your club and friends every trunk and saddle bag should not leave the garage without this. Keeping your ride garage kept is great but once out on the road it’s exposed to the elements. Here at Sheen Genie it’s our business to solve problems for our customers by providing them with advanced well thought out formulas and problem solving solutions. Which is why the Sheen Genie Quick Spray Wax Detailer is one of our most featured products across the site and distributed at events. It’s a huge problem solving product. No more do you need to hand apply cleaners and waxes nor wash the vehicle after every cruise. Simply spray on the detailer and wipe right off, it’s really that simple! Due to the lowest possible amount of petroleum solvent inside our formula it wont leave behind any cloudy hazes you either have to deal with or buff off with elbow grease. Keeping up the shine doesn’t have to be a chore anymore! With a highly concentrated amount of high quality carnauba you can rest assured Sheen Genie will leave that show quality shine!

Professionally Formulated -- We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

All Sheen Genie products comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or else we will purchase the set back from you. Our Quick Spray Wax Detailer is one of the first products we introduced to the market several years ago. It has been field and lab tested and refined. It’s gained the confidence of enthusiasts across the country and we’re confident if you give it a shot, you too, will love it! Try Sheen Genie today, you’ll be glad you did!