Rubber, Vinyl & Tire Shine

The Sheen Genie Tire, Rubber & Vinyl Shine is Here!

The perfect compliment to polished out wheels is the high glossed tire rubber! By using the Sheen Genie Tire, Rubber & Vinyl Shine not only do you make the tires shine you’re adding amazing contrast sure to turn heads! Many of your store purchased tire shine are strictly for tire and not for other popular fabrics such as vinyl. This is due to no other reason that the alcohol base these products are using. Prolonged exposure with these toxic ingredients dry out these other surfaces. Normal wear and tear signs are lines and the surface not as smooth across the hand as they once were. Sheen Genie is designed for both! Conditioning the surface while enhancing the color and luster! Tire Shine products have been around for several years now such as many of your tire dressings. Sheen Genie directions are simple spray it on and that’s it! Similar in effect to dressings it adds depth, however, in addition we’re all about the SHEEN. If our metal polish hadn’t lived up to our name our Rubber, Vinyl & Tire Shine definitely would. Guaranteed!

Effective & Easy to Use — Works Instantly!

Here at Sheen Genie you’ll discover if you’re one of the few that haven’t yet that our formulas are professionally concentrated, and no we don’t mean you’re going to add water and reduce the effectiveness of the products they simply spread further. Period. Our Tire, Rubber & Vinyl Shine works on contact and dries nearly instantly. Since it works so fast the spray simply doesn’t require an excessive amount of product for our customers to see the difference they’re looking for! One bottle will sufficiently cover 4-5 sets of 4 wheels and if applied for the sole use on motorcycle wheels 9-10 motorcycles! We look our for our customers we believe if we take care of them they will take care of us so far this has proven to be true. The only tip we can offer to increase the effectiveness is to simply clean the rubber and vinyl before use. Yes, whether or not the finishes are properly prepped you’ll still see a massive difference instantly. However, by cleaning the finishes of any unwanted remnants or debris it enables the spray to bond down directly increasing the shine by adding a smoother finish but also increasing it’s longevity! Shining your rubber and vinyl doesn’t have to be a weekly job anymore!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

As with all of our products your complete 100% satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! But hey we’ve been in business for a decade now and although we just recently added this particular category to our Sheen Genie line our customer reviews found across social media and the internet will vouch for us! Discover today how Sheen Genie can save you time from cleaning, polishing, shining, waxing, restoring, and protecting by visiting our online and secure checkout.