Brass Polish

Hands down, Sheen Genie is the best brass polish available on the market. We don’t always expect that you’ll just take our word for it (honestly, we’re a little biased – haha). Before we get into it, we’ll invite you to try it out for yourself. Click here to shop, or just scroll to the bottom of this page and click the “order now” button to get yourself some polish.

Brass has a beautiful dark hue taken from the copper in the alloy, and it also has the luster and shine from the zinc, making it one of the most prized metal alloys since its discovery thousands of years ago.  Brass is known for its malleability and acoustic properties, making it one of the primary alloys for musical instruments.  On automobiles, brass is often used as an accent, and at times a primary metal in the body and part of the engine. It’s common to find brass fittings on older and classic cars.

Caring for brass is not much different than other metal alloys, except that ammonia is especially effective at breaking down the surface of the brass.  Sheen Genie treats and polishes just about any brass surface along with other types of metals without any difficulty.  Sheen Genie’s simple chemical reaction that removes oxidation is especially useful on brass metals found on automobiles, older musical instruments, door knobs, drawer pulls, statues, memorabilia, etc…  as it protects against season, or stress corrosion cracking, which can occur during inclement weather or if the brass is exposed to ammonia. Ammonia is found in many cleaners that are common in households and commercial offices. Our brass polish will help to reverse the effects of poorly kept brass objects and restore the original luster and shine. Check out the brass coke bottle to the right. This bottle is over 20 years old and looks virtually brand-new! I know right?!

We’ have heard from many of our customers that Sheen Genie brass polish works 2nd to none for cleaning and polishing old brass doorknobs, brass vases, and brass statues or figurines. Specifically anything that is easily touched by human hands.  Our hands will transfer oils to the surface and speed up the brass oxidation process.  Sheen Genie has been designed to completely reverse this natural process. Click here to learn more about how Sheen Genie metal polish actually works.

Today, brass is still in use as much as it was anciently and can still be found on several automobile parts.  Using Sheen Genie to clean and polish brass is simple and effective.  Simply follow the same instructions to polish brass as one would to polish any metal using Sheen Genie:

How to Use Sheen Genie as Brass Polish

  • Apply a small amount of the Sheen Genie compound to an oxidized brass metal surface
  • Determine the proper amount required, we recommend starting with an amount the size of a quarter.  Add more as needed based on the size of the brass surface you’re polishing.
  • For softer metals such as chrome, polished aluminum, and jewelry, a small amount of Sheen Genie metal polish should be spread around the entire surface with ease.
  • When applying the Sheen Genie metal polish to the surface it will become smoother as impurities and oxidation are chemically removed and dissolved
  • Remove polish when glass-like shine is attained.  For most applications, this is a simple wipe on, then immediately wipe off situation.  For difficult to clean surfaces, this might require you do this process (polish) a 2nd time.

As it can and will be seen, there is no need to buff the brass polish product.  There is no required extra effort to ensure that the Sheen Genie metal polish has penetrated the oxidation or other buildup on the brass.  As Sheen Genie attacks oxidation at its base, it is ideally used to remove not only rust, but also stains.  Sheen Genie will always restore a bright, brassy shine to all your brass surfaces upon which it is used to polish.

We invite you to try Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner on any brass surface you have. You’ll be impressed with how nice and original the surface will look, no matter what the age of the brass is.