Silver Polish

Silver is easily one of the most illustrious metals ever found, mined, and used. From thousands of years ago to modern day it is not only one of the most valuable metals ever used but also used on a multitude of surfaces. Ranging in common use from home decor, jewelry, old coins, antique guns, and precious swords/knives. However, the most popular use for silver is “silverware”. It’s not as common today, but it’s easy to find. You’ll find some people are silverware specialists and do that for a living.

As we all already know silver is a heavily sought after metal regardless of the piece itself it is also one of the fastest and most obvious metal surfaces susceptible to tarnishing. Due to silver being one of the softer metals the tarnishing process can happen as quickly as 24 hours.

1 Simple Step to Polishing Your Silver to a Perfect Shine:

  1. Polish the silver. Using our Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner, apply a small dab amount to your cotton cloth. Wipe it on the surface of your silver and then using a clean part of the cloth or an additional separate cloth wipe off the polish. There’s no need to wait, Sheen Genie works immediately and with little effort. There’s no buffing required! If you’ve ever tried to use any other brand of polish, specifically silver polish, then you’ll notice that after some time that oxidation and grime will just appear on the surface. It happens when some brands use petroleum oils in their formula (Sheen Genie does not).
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Not only does the silver tarnish much quicker than most other metals it must also be delicately polished to begin with. Since silver is a more exotic polished and softer metal, the monetary value often times translates in the silver object simply being plated. If you consider cleaning or polishing your plated silver using household polishes will literally scratch the silver right off of the surface. Please, do not use common household cleaners or abrasive cloths. Only use a non-dyed cotton cloth. We encourage you regardless of whether or not you use our solutions to be careful what you apply to your silver.

Sheen Genie developed a non-abrasive formula that dissolves tarnish build-up. Chemically, our silver polish will eat away grime, tarnish, and oxidation from the surface without eating into protective layers. This ensures it won’t scratch the finish while removing the tarnish. It also means it’s actually very easy to do. When our non-toxic ingredients touches the silver and tarnish a chemical reaction instantly takes place. In the laments terms no more rubbing and buffing. We also utilize a water base not petroleum base or oil base. This removes the heavy film and black residue from being part of the silver polishing process. It also means the silver will have a smoother higher gloss and look than ever before. When you use an abrasive silver polish the fine scratching of the metal determines the smoothness of the finish, ultimately determining how shiny the silver turns out. No abrasives and no oils will mean that the silver has been purified. Our philosophy is this the smoother the surface the higher the gloss!

As we discussed above silver can tarnish nearly very rapidly, often within 24 hours. This is oxygen and nitrogen in the air reacting to the silver. It begins with a cloudy haze and then within a week the silver becomes entirely dull again. This is exactly why we created our sealer + repellent. Think of it as a clear-coat designed for silver to prevent the tarnishing process from occurring and reoccurring. It adds a protective barrier on top of the highly polished silver for up to 6 full months with only one simple application. Believe it or not, the polish works on a molecular level and fills in the microscopic pores to the silver which will repel even water. Also, on jewelry the glycerine used in hand soaps won’t be able to clog the pores and typically will cloud the finish over. Our sealer + repellent stops that from happening and deepens the shine while protecting and preserving the preciousness of the silver.

From your silver decor, dishes, guns, swords, knives, cutlery, to your jewelry we recommend you try our total metal polish solution before making a mistake with another brand. We guarantee your satisfaction not only with a company guarantee but our promise. We know how much you will absolutely love our polish and sealer for your silver we are excited for you to become a customer with even more exciting results than ever before! Try Sheen Genie today for all your silver polishing needs, you’ll be glad very glad you did!

Here’s a couple of quick tips to help keep your freshly polished silver nicer and shiny (less dull) for much longer:

Store your silver item away from any air and heat current spots; truly an airtight drawer or chest is ideal. Wrap your freshly polished silver in cotton, felt, or acid-free tissue paper to delay tarnish formation.

Now, for a pro-tip, just use our Sheen Genie sealer + repellent after using the metal polish + cleaner to polish your silver. You silver platter or dish will show brand-new like luster and shine for at least 6 months. No joke!