Copper Polish

Copper has long been regarded as a difficult metal to keep in original condition.  It seems to be quite easy to see oxidation and a green hue given to the surface, merely from just being out in the air. The metal element of copper is highly valued for its looks, shine-ability, malleability, and function. Its properties make is an excellent first choice when it comes to heat conduction and for passing electrical currents. For these reasons many of the top chefs and component manufacturers from around the world find copper to be ideal for use in their products. Cooking enthusiasts have claimed because of these reasons that makes copper metal ideal for pots and pans. Despite its popularity, copper isn’t maintenance free. Don’t take that the wrong way, it doesn’t mean you have to buy special commercial copper cleaners. You can clean and easily learn how to polish copper using simple advanced formula we call Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner. Sheen Genie has purposefully engineered our water-based polish formula to harmlessly return the “new” look to your copper surfaces. Our formula has been the 1st choice as the best copper polish for the last few years.Sheen Genie is the ideal premium motorcycle chrome polish available on the general and automotive market. Motorcycle chrome is especially delicate compared to other chroming processes and metals because of the exposed surface area of the chrome and the constant contact the chrome will have with the elements of the environment. It is extremely important to take care of chrome because if you don't pay close enough attention, it will begin to flake and even fully detach itself from the metal surface beneath. Of course this means that chrome is especially difficult to properly care and treat as strong abrasives and harsh chemicals run the risk of not repairing or shining the chrome, but having the opposite effect and harming and damaging the chrome. Sheen Genie has been specifically and scientifically designed and formulated to ensure that this does not happen during the metal polishing and care process. In addition, Sheen Genie is the perfect motorcycle chrome polish available because it does not use any harsh chemicals, nor does it use abrasives to shine and polish metals, such as chrome. You will find that most other metal polishing products on the market contain some type of oil and abrasive that will actually scratch and remove the surface of the metal and chrome. Why should you harm your precious motorcycle chrome? Sheen Genie is able to be used on a variety of different metals at the time and maintain the same effectiveness. This means there is no need to switch products between different parts of the motorcycles. Check this out, it helps maintain the life of the new look of a freshly polished motorcycle without causing accidental cross over contamination or further harm to your motorcycle's chrome polish. The great amount of heat the different parts of your motorcycle will feel during use was taken into account with the scientifically designed formula. Sheen Genie has been tested many, many, times and will withstand temperatures of 600 degrees Fahrenheit without problems. This means that there is no fear of having Sheen Genie exposure to the internal workings of the motorcycle. When using Sheen Genies as a motorcycle chrome polish you can rest assured that there compound will not cause any damage to the motorcycle parts, regardless of their function on the motorcycle. Sheen Genie is ideal for copper wiring and works to reduce oxidation buildup, as well. This means that even electric wires that are exposed to Sheen Genie will react positively to Sheen Genie, and may even improve the performance of your motorcycle after being used. Once Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner has been used to restore and polish all of the metals on your motorcycle, the sealant can be used to ensure that the polish and gloss remains for up to 6 months. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a cleaned and polished motorcycle with minimal care and without heavy labor. If you see any water spots or dust on the surface (highly unlikely after applying our polish and sealer) all you need to do is either hose it off with water or just lightly brush it off with a terry cloth towel. Easy!

It’s not a surprise that Sheen Genie is considered by metal polish enthusiasts around the world to be the best copper polish available today. Until recently Sheen Genie copper polish has been only available to select retailers in the automotive industry and consumers who attend special events, however, now Sheen Genie is being made available nationwide and throughout North America through direct sales here on this website. Previously, you would have had to actually attend the trade shows and events to get your hands on this miraculous formula.

Copper Polish Doing What It’s Supposed To Do

What makes Sheen Genie so different and unique to other copper polish products that exist today? The answer is simply that Sheen Genie works to fight oxidation at its root, which eliminates discoloration, pitting, rusting, flaking, and all other stains and from all metal surfaces. Another excellent and added benefit of using Sheen Genie is that the same copper polish can be used on many different metal surfaces at the same time. The chemical reaction that removes the oxidation buildup on copper will also remove stainless steel, iron rust oxidation, aluminum, brass, chrome, etc… In many ways, Sheen Genie is a miracle product when it comes to the proper care and protection of your various metals.

No Abrasives To Scratch The Copper Surface

Now, instead of having to use harsh abrasives or rouge and buffing to bring a deep shine to metal, including copper surfaces, all that has to be done is apply a small amount of Sheen Genie to a terry cloth towel and let the Sheen Genie formula do the rest of the work. Left by itself the Sheen Genie compound will continue to react to the oxidation buildup removing years of oxidation damage to the surface. After the desired shine and polish is attained, simply remove the remaining and excess Sheen Genie product (by just simply wiping it off with a clean spot on the cloth), and follow up by applying the sealer to enjoy a deep, lustrous copper polish shine for up to 6 months.

copper polished plateCopper is a chemical element, ductile with very high thermal and electrical conductivity, which means that it is often used to transmit electrical impulses throughout systems, such as a car. Cars are complicated machines anymore with lots of moving parts, interconnected both mechanically and electronically, so it is very important to know that when using a metal polish that the metal polish is not destroying any of the sensitive copper wires or components of the car. This is another area in which Sheen Genie excels, as it works on all metal surfaces to reduce oxidation without causing any harm to the metal. Remember that with abrasive and buffing polishes that the polish works through removing different layers of the metal to attain the shine. Those important layers are purposely manufactured into the metal for protection. If you use another brand to polish your metal surfaces, just know that you’re slowly removing those protective layers. That just isn’t the case with Sheen Genie copper polish!

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