Do I Need to Use A Metal Buffer or Wheel With The Metal Polish?

Metal Polishing Kit

Our Metal Polishing Kit offers an all-inclusive solution for achieving a beautiful shine on various metal surfaces. Our kit streamlines the process of restoring luster to metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, and brass. Whether for automotive detailing, household maintenance, or industrial applications, Sheen Genie High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner equips you with what you need to remove tarnish, scratches, and oxidation, leaving behind a mirror-like finish. With easy-to-follow instructions, these kits will help you restore your metal surfaces easily, ensuring remarkable results every time. 

Using A Metal Buffer

There are many different types of metal buffers and wheels that exist in today’s market. These metal buffers range from basic hand held cordless devices to high RPM style used in many metal polishing shops. If you aren’t making a living from polishing metal you are typically going to use a store purchased hand held metal buffer. Many popular brand-name metal buffers have created their own style with a cool and unique design that are highly marketable. All of them offering a slightly different shape to tackle those “impossibly hard to reach places”.

Car detailing continues to become more involved all the time. The recent popularity of metal buffers and polishers in the mainstream has resulted in a lot of worthless tools hitting the market. The truth is that with Sheen Genie metal polish, you won’t need to use too many of them. Machine polishers can be used to tackle a very heavily deteriorated finish or just as a tool to make a detailing job easier. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast, a novice, or a professional detailer, there are different kinds of mechanical metal buffers to fit your level of experience and help you accomplish desired results. Some people will tell you that once you use a metal buffer you’ll never go back. With Sheen Genie… that might not be the case.

buffer wheel and metal polisher

Buffing Wheels for Metal Polish Application

Metal Buffers were created to eliminate the elbow grease, the rubbing and buffing, and all the effort the majority of polishes and application require in order to restore and polish the metal(s). Ever wonder why? Metals are porous and the build up can be severe. By applying abrasives you’re literally scratching the build up. It’s a manual method of removal. Metal buffers just help the polisher apply more effort because they’re able to use more applied pressure than by a hand application.

Use Sheen Genie's Metal Polisher

Sheen Genie products use a non-abrasive formula. With 30 specialized and designed especially for today’s problematic areas and applications in metal polishing there’s simply no requirement for the use of a metal buffer. The level of gloss is much higher because fine layers of the metal aren’t being scratched away. However, Sheen Genie can absolutely be used with any type of metal buffer. While a metal buffer is not needed, it can directly help save a little on the elbow grease and help you get those big jobs done quickly.

If you have any particular questions in regards to using a metal buffer with Sheen Genie please don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand your application may been very unique and specific and we would like to give you all the reassurance you need to be a confident metal polisher!

Polishing Requirements

To achieve optimal results when polishing metal surfaces, you need to ensure that the surface is clean and free of dirt, grime, and any previous coatings. Begin by applying a small amount of Sheen Genie Metal Polish to a clean, soft cloth or applicator pad. Gently rub the polish onto the metal surface using circular motions, working in small sections at a time. Apply additional polish as needed to cover the entire surface evenly. Once applied, allow the polish to dry to a haze before buffing it off with a clean, dry cloth, revealing the desired shine. Repeat the process as necessary until the desired level of shine is achieved. Remember to follow safety precautions and manufacturer instructions when using metal polish to ensure effective and safe results.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the choice ultimately depends on the specific task at hand, using a metal buffer or wheel can increase the effectiveness of metal polish, especially when dealing with extensive oxidation. When selecting a metal buffer and metal polish, consider the model and grade to ensure compatibility with the specific type and condition of the metal surface you intend to treat. Extra tools will create a more even application of the polish which directly results in a superior shine and finish.

Yes, Sheen Genie Metal Polish is formulated to work effectively on a wide range of metal surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, brass, and more. Its versatile formula ensures consistent results across various metals, making it suitable for automotive detailing, household maintenance, and industrial applications.

The frequency of metal polishing depends on factors such as the level of wear, environmental conditions, and desired appearance. For routine maintenance, polishing every few months will keep metal surfaces looking their best. However, heavily tarnished or oxidized surfaces may require more frequent polishing until the desired shine is restored.

While Sheen Genie Metal Polish is specifically formulated for bare metal surfaces, it can be safely used on painted or coated metals with caution. It's important to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential damage to the paint or coating. Additionally, gentle application and thorough rinsing are recommended to prevent any adverse effects on painted surfaces.

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