Heavy Rust & Corrosion Remover

For The Most Seriously Neglected Metal!

The Sheen Genie Severe Corrosion & Rust Remover was designed for all metals with an original finish not initially intended to have a high gloss and need to be refinished and also for those sets of wheels and metal items that have been seriously neglected for decades! Regardless of how poor of condition those items are currently in now the Sheen Genie Severe Corrosion and Rust Remover will refinish those surfaces for the ultimate pre-polishing prepped surface ready for our High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner and Sealer + Repellent application.

old rusted truck

Metals and air don’t have a lot in common except their reaction to one another. As air begins to touch the metals finish the process of oxidation begins to occur. Normal signs of oxidation in the beginning is a white cloudy haze in time this white cloudy haze turns grey and combined with calcium deposits brought on by rain or excessive exposure to salt in the air a dark grey with rust, pitting and discoloration occur. With a now unsightly finish many DIY polishers start turning to metal polishes claiming to remove this build-up with a buffing wheel. The problem is traditional metal polishes using abrasives that break down and they begin to touch the oxidized and rusted out metals. Resulting in an excessive amount of polishing compounds, oils and time being wasted. Applying abrasive compounds are often used with the help of a buffing flap, wheel or ball. These power tools help to soften the metals build-up due to the friction causing heat to the metal. It’s quite the process if you ask one of us here at Sheen Genie. There’s a reason professional metal polishers have thrown out their buffers, we encourage you to do the same. Polishing doesn’t have to be a chore anymore!