Car Care

The crew at Sheen Genie simply has a passion for car care. That’s why we haven’t stopped innovating with our metal polish. We have set out to create the complete lineup of premium car care products that automotive enthusiasts can trust. All of our products are based on our “No buffing needed” philosophy. Working hard to accomplish top notch results the first time through. The secret comes down to the formula Every Sheen genie product is formulated to be completely water based. This gives out product a massive advantage over competitors. Where competitors leave behind oily residue that tarnishes the appearance  of your vehicle, our products easily wipe away leaving only the protective coating that lasts for months. From bumper to bumper, and everything in between, Sheen Genie has the detailing products you need to make your ride stand out.

Money Back Guarantee

Sheen Genie offers a great money back guarantee. The car care system works so spectacularly that there are literally no complaints to the use or effectiveness of the product. You will recognize the name brand, as we’re growing rapidly in the market and have become the preferred metal polish of choice in the automotive industry. Our product is by-and-large the top selling all metal polish at every trade show and company in which it is featured and sold.

Sheen Genie began as a determined dream and our uncanny success lies upon the shoulders of our current core management members. We were all frustrated with other metal polishing products that he grew to know because of a thirst for knowledge. Current well known name brands have been using a formula and technology that hasn’t been updated for nearly 60 years. We felt that with all of the new advancements with technology in general, there had to be a better way to get a keep a shine on metal surfaces. In research, our team actually found several situations that could not remedied because of the abrasive nature of other brands products. Thoughts and experience lead us to formulate and create the idea of a non-acidic and non-abrasive chemical reaction that would not harm metal surfaces when they were polished. Years of hard work, hours put in by many people, innovation, and passion have resulted in a revolutionary new metal polish formula which has become one of the fastest selling car and metal polishes in the country today.

We invite you to do your research on the automotive detailing market. How do you find the very best car care out there? Let us show you! Give our car care and protection system a try. Take a second to order our product by clicking on the link below. We would like the opportunity to impress you with what Sheen Genie total car care system has to offer. Your friends, neighbors, and audience will be impressed too! It’s always a good feeling when you know that people are looking your direction because you have a good looking and shiny whip!