Our History

It all began with a dream of financial independence. Derek Miller always had an entrepreneurial spirit but lacked both the financial resources and the direction to achieve that goal. He was nineteen years old when an idea began to form. He was tired of working for a company that compensated him poorly, tired of being an ‘employee’ and tired of selling inferior products. Derek quit his job and began the painstaking process of starting a company with no staff, no product and very little capital.

Scraping together every resource he had, Derek was able to convince one of the top chemists in the country to create the most technologically advanced metal polish in the world. It took over a year of research and development and over a hundred thousand dollars to create what is now known as Sheen Genie today.

Having a great product doesn’t necessarily translate to immediate success. Knowing the hardest work was yet to come Derek began a solo campaign to create brand awareness across the country. That first year, Derek attended 51 car and motorcycle shows. He took the week of Christmas to spend with his family and went right back on the road again. The next five years was spent developing both a sales and a marketing strategy.

With national sales positioning Sheen Genie as the top selling metal polish company in the country, the staff continues to grow. Based in Nashville Tennessee, Sheen Genie has experienced unprecedented growth in both market share and sales. Outgrowing our current offices and warehouse, we are looking to expand operations to a new facility with state of the art equipment to support our sales, office and warehouse personnel.

This year saw the addition of a brand new product added to the Sheen Genie family. We are just as excited our new Quick Detailer as we are of the original metal polish. Just as much research went into its creation and just as much capital investment. Like our metal polish, we have no doubt this amazing quick detailer will become the same household name that Sheen Genie metal polish has.

History is just that, it’s what we have done up to this point and we are just getting started. As consumers give us critically important feedback we will continue to spend time and resources to develop products to solve their everyday challenges. Our promise to you is to be on the cutting edge of technology, to provide you with the most cost effective products and to give the greatest customer support in the industry. We are the best and we will always be the best because we listen to you. Without you sharing your experiences, giving us feedback and supporting our products our doors will close. That’s why our door will always be open to you.