Metal Polish

Sheen Genie is a metal polishing and protection system.  It provides a high gloss metal cleaner and protection sealant that has specifically been designed for ANY metal surface, specifically those that are out in the Earths elements often. You will find it to be the perfect solution for chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, copper, brass.  Even your jewelry will benefit from our system.  Created as an industrial metal polish specifically designed for the metal enthusiasts and perfectionists out there, Sheen Genie is the perfect metal polish applicant for any car, truck, motorcycle, boat, semi, or any metal surface need.

Sheen Genie’s secret is using a trade secret non-acidic and non-abrasive chemical reaction that harmlessly removes metal oxidation, without the use of harsh abrasives that can scratch, pit, and harm metal surfaces. Part of what we’ll let you in on is the fact that it’s all water based.  Completely harmless yet perfectly mixed with over 30 other proprietary and advanced ingredients. Sheen Genie uses no
abrasives, no petroleum solvents, and creates a high gloss on metal surfaces that lasts for at least 6 months!metal polished road motorcycle

Sheen Genie Metal Polish and Sealer System Removes and Protects Against:

  • Oxidation
  • Brake Dust
  • Water Spots
  • Bluing and Discoloration
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Road and Sea Salt
  • Tarnishing
  • Dirt and Mud Stains
  • Sun Spots
  • Tar Tarnish
  • Fading
  • Rust
  • Pitting
  • Scratches

The Most Common Metals to Polish:brass polished trumpet

  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Brass

Additional Benefits of Sheen Genie

Additional benefits of the Sheen Genie metal polish system include being highly heat resistant. Our product has been tested again and again at temperatures in excess of 600 degrees and the polish with sealer have continued to shine and protect. The heat resistance makes it a perfect solution to clean engine and exhaust
automotive parts for show, display, and car sales.

love your metalSheen Genie’s advanced non-acidic and non-abrasive chemical reaction means that little to no buffing is required. That’s right, you can literally just wipe it on and immediately wipe it off.  Our metal polish works each and every time. Our product doesn’t contain any petroleum solvents (like most other brands) and therefore will not leave a greasy residue after use. Hey, it makes it easier to not have those unsightly finger prints after you’ve completed your polish. You will find that Sheen Genie is the premier water based polish and polymer based sealer on the market. The best news is that it is available to the general public now at the trade show prices. Hint: try our polish on your stainless steel appliances, follow up with our sealer + repellent and you’ll have a streak free and finger print free surface for months!

Money Back Guarantee

Sheen Genie offers a great money back guarantee. The metal polish system works so spectacularly that there are literally no complaints to the use or effectiveness of the product. You will recognize the name brand, as we’re growing rapidly in the market and have become the preferred metal polish of choice in the automotive industry. Our product is by-and-large the top selling all metal polish at every trade show and company in which it is featured and sold.

Sheen Genie began as a determined dream and our uncanny success lies upon the shoulders of its founder, Derek Miller. Derek was frustrated with other metal polishing products that he grew to know because of a thirst for knowledge. Current well known name brands have been using a formula and technology that hasn’t been updated for nearly 100 years.  Derek felt that with all of the new advancements with technology in general, there had to be a better way to get a keep a shine on metal surfaces. In research, he actually found several situations that  could not remedied because of the abrasive nature of other brands products. His thoughts and experience lead him to invent and create the idea of a non-acidic and non-abrasive chemical reaction that would not harm metal surfaces when they were polished. Years of hard work, hours put in by many people, innovation, and passion have resulted in a revolutionary new metal polish formula which has become one of the fastest selling car and metal polishes in the country today.

Take a second to order our product by clicking on the link below. We would like the opportunity to impress you with what Sheen Genie total metal care system has to offer. Your friends, neighbors, and audience will be impressed too! It’s always a good feeling when you know that people are looking your direction because you have a good looking and shiny whip!