Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner

The Sheen Genie Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner is designed similarly to our High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner. It’s most advantageous application is for quick touch ups and/or for metals that are either hard to reach or for example aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, billet, and magnesium spoked wheels on motorcycles. Think of our Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner as a quick detailer for metal! Formulated without acids it deeps cleans so extensively with a simple spray on and hose off application that it literally will save what use to take so long to the point where the metals were simply to time consuming to tackle into a quick and enjoyable for lack of a better word process. It’s not a process anymore, no more rubbing, buffing and scrubbing to clean to keep up simply spray it over the finish and either wipe it off or hose it off!Like our High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner an even higher ratio of cleaning agents that are non-toxic and safe to the touch work on contact! First breaking down the build-up and then rinsing away effortlessly. When using on top of our Sealer + Repellent no worries of removing any protective coating that exist leaving behind only an enhanced higher and deeper gloss. 90% of all build-up is repelled with our Sealer + Repellent the other 10% caused by sitting water spots while the vehicle or motorcycle is sitting purifies the finish without having to reapply any other cleaners or sealers. Like Quick Detailing the paint the gloss and protective coating still exist our Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner simply makes the finish flawless and white glove competition ready!

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We use no petroleum solvents which typically translates into an excessive black residue or oil cloud left behind when using other cleaners and sealer not the case any longer. In fact if your wheels, metal and other items currently have any cloudy hazes or oils on top preventing the metal true luster from appearing our liquid spray metal cleaner actually removes this on contact. Did we mention there’s no wiping in or on involved? That’s right simply spray directly across the entire surface and within seconds it can be removed leaving behind a cleaner higher gloss! Using our spray also helps tackle baked in stains on the go, if your’e heading off to the show and lift the hood to discover any unwanted spots or stains you can stay stress free before the judges make their way around to your ride. For smaller surfaces spray can be applied directly onto a micro-fiber towel and then spread across the finish, no need for a more aggressive applicator such as a buffer, sponge or polishing towel! Each spray comes in a 16oz bottle with spray nozzle. Depending on how often you’re riding will determine how much you will use, however, our formulas is a professional concentrate only 4 sprays across an entire full size wheel is sufficient to cleanse the surface to a like-new finish!

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