Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a lengthy list of questions that are frequently asked to us. We recommend you read below about how to use Sheen Genie and what you should/shouldn’t do. This metal polish product FAQ should help you in your quest to learn more about us. If you think we should add any additional information not seen below, please contact us here on the website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Linkedin.

Our Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner is a water based metals polish formulated for a quick wipe on and wipe off.
No buffing required. You don’t even have to use a buffing wheel if you don’t want to. The original shine of the metal surface is restored with effortless cleaning. With our total metal care solution, you can polish and clean the metal, seal it for a 6 month shine, and detail it with our spray on, wipe off wax. Reports from our customers say that they are able to keep the shine longer and polish less often to maintain their shine, which ultimately saves them time and money.

The water base and the effective chemical reaction that works instantly is what sets Sheen Genie apart from other metals polishes. Not sure about how well it works? Try it! We dare you to compare. Read more about the specifics of Sheen Genie on our metal polish page.

  • Our high gloss all metal polish + cleaner is different for many different reasons. Below are just a couple of big ones.
  • We use absolutely no abrasives. Our formula is non-abrasive. Abrasives are designed to scratch the surface to remove oxidation. This also wears down your metal and will remove the protective surface that was put there on purpose for looks and gloss.
  • We don’t use petroleum solvents or gels. This can typically leave a residue behind which will allow for collection of dust and unwanted micro debris. The collection of debris will ultimately scratch the surface. The only way to get rid of this residue is to buffer and wipe repeatedly. Completely unnecessary with Sheen Genie.
  • Our products are all water based. That’s right. It goes on, does it’s job to remove oxidation, and wipes off immediately without residue or scratching. Have you ever used an oil based paint versus a water based paint? Do you know how much easier it is to clean the water based paint out of your brush? The same principle applies here. It’s just simple.
  • Our metal polish + cleaner has the perfect viscosity. Not too thick and not to thin. Just right.
  • No buffing, or buffer wheels required. Just wipe on and moments later, wipe off. It was designed to be easy.
  • Ultra shine for up to 6 months! Yes, you read that right. With the sealer + repellent you can get a protective coat over your freshly polished metal that will keep the shine for long periods of time. No one else offers that kind of time frame.
  • We have over 30 advanced ingredients, each injected into the formula for common problems you’ll find with your metal surfaces today. Consider that most polishes have a 40:60 % ratio 40% abrasives and 60% petroleum. Abrasives scratch and the oil base creates an excessive amount of surface residue that prematurely will haze the finish.

Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner can be applied by hand with a terry cloth towel or by using a compound buffer (under 3200 RPM).

A. Applying Sheen Genie metal polish system by hand.

Since Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner, is not only a polish, but also a cleaner, you do not have to clean the surface before application. However, might consider giving the surface a quick wipe down to remove any lose contaminants from the surface. This helps to make sure the maximum amount of polish reaches the surface of the metal. The temperature of the metal surface does not matter. The warmer the surface, the faster the polish will dry. If you’re trying to remove discoloration from the surface, we’ve found that a warmer surface will help break down the underside of the color and therefore removing it faster. This makes the restoration process faster.

Apply a small amount on a soft cloth (terry cloth works best!) and apply it with the grain of the metal surface. Allow the product to 30 seconds to 2 minutes to dry and feel less tacky to the touch. Application with the same cloth for each application is recommended, however, when wiping off use a clean area of the cloth or a clean cloth. If you’re not sure how well it will work on your application, please test the polish in a small area first. If you’re planning to completely refinish or restore the surface, it’s actually recommended that you apply and wipe against the grain of the metal to produce the smoothest surface.

Follow this same process with the sealer + repellent. Wipe on, wait for a moment, and wipe off. You’ll notice that you’ll find a slick surface with all of your minor scratches in the metal nearly gone. For chrome or highly polished metals, the sealer + repellent will produce a mirror like finish. This sealer + repellent will allow you to keep a grime and oxidation free surface for months to come.

B. Applying Sheen Genie metal polish with a compound buffer.

Apply a small amount onto the buffing pad (sheep’s wool is recommended). The buffing pad should make direct contact with the metal surface. Using a buffing pad will allow a quick spread of the metal polish. Ultimately, this will help the polish to dry more quickly. Changing to a clean pad, repeat the same process to remove the residue. You can also use a clean terry cloth towel for this part as well. You’ll find that the residue will be removed with ease and your metal surface will instantly look and shine better.

If covering a large surface of diamond plate area you may want to take extra notice to wipe between the raised design to remove the product from the surface and the crevices. If removing by hand, just wipe off the residue and you’re done!

For your semi? the metal polish is a concentrate so a little bit of gloss goes a long way. You can actually polish two fifty-gallon fuel tanks, ten wheels, steps, stacks, and the grill on a big rig with just 1/4-1/3 of the bottle of the metal polish and cleaner. Wheel equivalency; polish 30 of your 26? wheels with one bottle.

For the rest of you one bottle of our metal polish + cleaner will fully polish 10-12 applications to cars where metal is the prominently noticeable surface. The same goes for motorcycles, but 15-18 of those in quantity. For the real men who are semi-truck enthusiasts, you’ll get 4-5 full applications out of each bottle.

Our metal polish + cleaner is completely buffer compatible. Just to be clear, we are saying that you don’t need a buffer in most situations, however, if you’d like to use one, then yes, Sheen Genie will work. We recommend using a buffer on metals where oxidation or surface build up is extreme. This can help speed up the process of restoration. Older metal parts with heavy build up can be removed simply by applying the polish with a terry cloth towel; however, a buffer can allow the polish to be spread more quickly which ultimately gives you faster results. On smaller surfaces such as wheels, valve cover, or exhaust a buffing wheel will not save any time.

Surface rust is actually one of the main reasons why we invented Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner metal polish + cleaner. The surface rust typically comes from road salt, chemicals, acid rain, mud, but mostly from just being exposed to oxygen and moisture. Rust is just a mild form of corrosion from oxidation. How our formula works is by penetrating the surface rust down to the connecting layer of buildup. It releases the bonds of the rust from the smoothest parts of the metal, therefore exposing the original surface once again. Sheen Genie remains moist and the rust absorbs the moisture from the compound much more quickly than it will re-oxidize, keeping the surface clean and free of corrosion. Typically you’ll find optimal results from just the first application, however, if some of the corrosion remains, just give it a second application and you should be very satisfied with results. You’ll notice a new, smooth, glossy surface that should bring a smile to your face.

It will not hurt the clear coat because we are not using any abrasives or scratching off the surface, however, it will remove all the particles such as break dust, water spots, and oxidation on top of your clear coat and polish the metal to a glass-like finish. Our formula of metal polish + cleaner as well as the sealer + repellent are completely safe. It’s recommended that you finish up with the sealer in order to make sure you keep the integrity of the clear coat layer that’s already there. Our sealer + repellent will actually help keep up the protection that a clear coat provides. It’s highly recommended you use the total metal polish system for the very best results with the least amount of harm to your metal surface.

If you want to remove clear coat or any remnants of it (due to hazing, flaking, or discoloration), we recommend using steel wool to apply Sheen Genie. In this process we suggest heavily saturating the steel wool with the metal polish + cleaner to prevent any new hair-line scratches.

It depends on if you follow the complete metal polish system instructions. If you choose not to apply the sealer + repellent then you’re going to be relying on the particular metal you’re applying it to and how well it was plated or produced originally. Smoother metals will typically last longer. Highly polished aluminum surfaces without the sealer will usually last a month before any sign of hazing. However, other softer metals such as stainless steel may only last 2 weeks. This is a huge reason we recommend using our sealer + repellent. Our sealer will fill in fine scratches and produce a clear coat protection that keeps your high gloss finish for up to 6 months with each application. This sealer will actually keep the metal from meeting the moisture and oxygen in the atmosphere which causes corrosion.

If you look closely at the description on the bottle, it states that you can. Should you decide to use our sealer on your paint it turns into a incredible long lasting protection clear coat. We recommend you use our spray detailer wax to start the job and finish up with the sealer + repellent. The sealer will keep that freshly waxed whip look longer. So, instead of waxing every weekend just seal and detail it and then all you have to do is rinse the car down with water and dry it down. It looks like you just waxed it for weeks or even months to come.

We have tested the polish and sealer up to 600 degrees [Fahrenheit] over and over again. At 600 degrees there was no breakdown, streaking, flaking, or dulling. The polish and sealer will hold their integrity on high-heat engines. We have never seen it broken down by heat or become hazardous or flammable. So, yes, it is indeed very heat-resistant.

Keep in mind that Sheen Genie was started and created originally for the automotive industry. However, we’ve heard from many of our metal polish customers about how well it works on other metal items around the house and shop. Honestly, we haven’t found any true metal surfaces that it doesn’t to a fantastic job on yet. Of all the comments we’ve received, these 9 surfaces are what continue to be mentioned over and over again: Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Pewter, Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass

If you know of anything that you’ve tried and would like to let us know, please contact us here on the website, on our Facebook page, or Google +, and make sure that we’re aware. As always, we love pictures, so please submit those too!

The biggest reason why you would want to polish your jewelry, specifically gold and diamond wedding rings, gold bangles, gold and diamond earrings, and necklaces is because of the fact that Sheen Genie metal polish uses a light chemical reaction. No rouge. It will help to dissolve the grease, dried lotion, mud, make-up, and grime that people often find in jewelry. There’s no doubt you’ll get a better clean from a jewelry store, but many want to buff your ring. This makes the items look new, but they also slowly remove and wear down your precious metal. Over time this will lead to needing expensive repairs. Have you noticed that your white-gold ring is starting to yellow? These white-gold jewelry is plated with rhodium. It’s a precious white metal similar to platinum. However, it’s just plating (merely for looks). Buffing your jewelry will slowly remove that plating and turn your precious item back to a yellower color again. Doing this over and over requires you to get the ring re-plated. It can be expensive. Don’t go through the hassle of wearing your jewelry down and paying for costly repairs or re-plating. Use Sheen Genie instead.

Keep that gold, silver, platinum looking like new without the hassle.

Check out our page about jewelry polish and jewelry polishing. When you are thinking about using Sheen Genie on your jewelry, you are making a smart decision because it is non-abrasive so it never scratches and it is water based so your not left with a black residue all throughout your diamonds and unique architecture in your rings, chains, and bracelets. Which ultimately makes it easy to work with and not messy at all. Simply give your jewelry a quick rinse with warm water when completed to make sure you remove all of the remaining polish.

One word of caution. Our metal polish may possibly remove the black antiquing used to accent jewelry. For these specialty types of jewelry, we suggest using only a microfiber cloth. Lightly “pet” the polish on to your jewelry. You’ll find that it’s mostly the pressure of your wiping as opposed to the metal polish + cleaner itself that may remove antiquing.

Yes! We’ve heard from many of our customers about some of the different places they’ve tried Sheen Genie. We’ve received answers from door handles, to hand guns and rifles, to silver decorations, and silverware. Sheen Genie is gentle enough to remove any discoloration or oxidation from your common household goods. If you plan to polish your pots and pans, make sure you thoroughly wash it out with dish soap before use for cooking. Sheen Genie’s secret is our chemical reaction that happens on the surface. If you are worried about the safety of cleaning your metal surfaces properly and are unsure about this with your dishes, then please do not attempt to polish the insides of these dishes. Try just the outside of them, which really matters. They will look fantastic!

Right here in the good ol’ USA. That’s right, we have designed it here and we manufacture it here. Feel confident that your money is well spent to keep up the economy here in the US.polished pontiac and american flag

Yes we do, however, it’s recommended that you contact us directly for international orders as we don’t have an option for international shipping in our shopping cart here on the website. If this is something you’re interested in, we suggest sending an email inquiry to and we’ll be able to respond to your question/comment quickly. Additionally, feel free to fill out the form on the contact us page here on the website to get in touch.

Sheen Genie currently does not sell our products to any stores or distribution chains. If you are a very reputable entity/shop and would like to use Sheen Genie for your clients/customers that you service, then please contact us to find out our wholesale pricing when buying in bulk. We are also accepting online affiliates who can follow strict posting rules and a decent commission. Please email us at for this type of inquiry.

As of now, we are accepting applications for the role of a sales representative and also the role of a fulfillment processor. For these and other information about employment, please see our employment page.

Sheen Genie metal polish + cleaner is an excellent choice to use on diamond plate. If you have a small surface area to clean, simply apply Sheen Genie by hand in an so that you get get in between the raised design. Let it dry and then simply wipe it off.

No. It’s not recommended to use the metal polish on a painted surface. For jewelry it will typically remove the old antiquing paint which adds an older look. Be cautious about where you spread the metal polish.

Our sealer + repellent and spray detailer wax will work quite well on a clean painted surface. They will fill in minor scratches as well as repel any dirt, road grime, or dust on the surface treated with our sealer + repellent and spray detailer wax.

Sheen Genie is designed to completely remove the elements that cause pitting. It will prevent further pitting if used regularly. The sealer + repellent will help to keep any foreign element away and allow your surface area to shine better than it has in a long time. We get reports of miraculous changes in surfaces. We’re not promising any miracles, but you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Absolutely! Sheen Genie chemically removes the elements causing the oxidation and rust. It should be noted that some metal surfaces just can’t be helped. They may be too far along in the oxidation process. We’ve actually polished surfaces that haven’t been cleaned in years and brought them back to life and they looked almost completely original. Don’t forget that this was the primary reason why our polish + cleaner was invented.

Sheen Genie contains absolutely no harsh chemicals within its formula, in fact, we purposely made it non-acidic. It’s alkaline in nature. You don’t have to worry about it “eating” through your metal surface. We do not want you to eat or drink our product, but it is water based. We’ve found our products to be quite friendly to the environment.

This is one of the biggest issues that you face when polishing your metal. Sheen Genie was formulated and created to be as protective and beneficial to the life of your metal surface as possible. Scratching your metal is completely counterproductive. Metal surfaces are typically treated with some kind of protectant from the manufacturer to keep the shine for a period of time. Scratching will remove that protection and slowly wear away the surface. Our polish + cleaner was designed to remove the oxidation and put a protective layer back on the metal surface, all without wearing down or scratching.

Sheen Genie was made to be as odorless as possible has no foul-smelling odor to it. In fact, there is barely even any odor to it. In an effort to keep it clean, you’ll find that it’s a very neutral smelling formula. Some of the ladies have described it as smelling very clay-like or earthy. One description was that it smelled the same as her clay mask she uses to refresh her skin on her face. In other words you don’t have to wear a gas mask or even do this outdoors to neutralize a stench. It’s safe for your car and safe for the home.

It does. A very long time. The industry average is a nice sheen for roughly 3-4 weeks after each application. We say that this based on show cars that don’t get much use or exposure. Sheen Genie is for the real metal polish and shine enthusiasts. Our total metal care system was designed to last for up to 6 months under these same conditions. That’s 6x the industry average. So, yes, it does last long. And, yes it does save you time and money. Why make this difficult? The point of Sheen Genie is convenience with sacrificing the look.

Sheen Genie is a designed to protect against anything you encounter outside. It’s a fantastic way to protect your metals from the elements. Each application adds a layer of protection to your metal surface that you might not normally have. We have customers that drive in snow, salt, sleet, acid rain or even live near the ocean. In all of the years of our product life, we have yet to find an unsatisfied customer with any kind of complaint about how well our products work.

We’ve gone through a pains taking process to perfect our formula. We advertise and claim the use of 30 advanced ingredients in our system. It’s true that they are advanced. It took 2 years of on-going testing to improve formulas where others left off. The end result was a water-based formula with non-acidic chemicals that eat away the surface oxidation resulting in the original surface being cleaned. We have on petroleum products (which cause streaks and hazing anyway) and there are no rouge products. Our bottles are made from recycled plastic material. Short of being able to eat/drink our formula (please don’t), we’d tell you that you aren’t going to find another metal polish more aligned with environmental friendliness.

We’ve been asked this question a few times. For the most part, water will generally work. However, sometimes you might have spilled a little and didn’t notice it for some time. That’s okay! Sometimes it appears to stain, but have no fear. We’ve found that this simple trick will take care of any Sheen Genie spill spots, 100% of the time.

Use hot water, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap (we’ve used Dawn concentrate and added at least 1-2 cups of vinegar to 1 gallon of hot water). Also use a stiff bristle brush for scrubbing. Pour some hot water (with vinegar and soap mixed), soak the white spots, and let it sit on the spots for about 1 minute. Then dip the brush in the water (to make sure the brush bristles are wet) and then scrub the spot. It will clean up each and every time. Worst case scenario, try to soak the spot with the mixture mentioned and then power wash it with just plain water after.

More questions about Sheen Genie?

Do you have other questions not listed here on our metal polish Faq? Please contact us to ask. We’d love to make sure that you have all the answers that you need as well as the most polished whip in the show.

If you’re impressed, go ahead and order our total metal care solution and give it a shot!