Chrome and Trim Polish

Chrome plating and chrome surfaces were designed for the appeal and carefree surface they can show. Most auto enthusiasts will agree; nothing is more sleek and stylish as shiny chrome accents and highlights from automobiles (both new and classic), semi trucks, motorcycles, boats, and other fun “toys”. Keeping your metal surfaces clean, streak free, and oxidation/rust free requires use of a good chrome polish. Chrome plating is the process through which other surfaces are coated in chromium, usually through electroplating. Chromium is a bright, shiny, reflective metal that is highly decorative, corrosive resistant, eases cleanliness, and increases surface hardness.“ depending on what the underlying foundation is made of, not to mention it vastly improves the looks. Chrome plating is an expensive process and product, and once chrome has been plated it is important to take care of or it will deteriorate and will quickly begin to look both used and dingy. For those of you who live in states that see snow and ice in the Winter knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Sheen Genie is a special chrome polish that helps to keep or restore chrome to its original luster while adding new life and appearance to chrome plated objects. Our polish is often referred to as the ideal chrome polish. Sheen Genie is a chrome polish that fights and removes the greatest enemy to all metals: oxidation. Oxidation is the primary cause of rust, bluing, discoloration, stains, pitting, flaking, and other metal problems.

Chrome Polish and Oxidation Removal

Sheen Genie fights and clears away the buildup of oxidation and rust, while also operating as a scratch and pitting filler, through a water and polymer based chemical reaction. The Sheen Genie chemical reaction is safe for all chrome polish surfaces up to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. We boast that our polish and sealer leaves no residue as it is not petroleum based. Sheen Genie is not a chrome polish that uses harmful abrasives to bring about a bright, clean shine to chrome like almost all other metal polish products you will currently find. Rather, Sheen Genie’s chemical process does all the work without need of much physical effort. There is no need for buffing after applying our polish and sealer.

All of our customers will agree that Sheen Genie is the best chrome polish on the market, which is why we stand behind our money back guarantee. Sheen Genie is able to offer the money back guarantee because the popularity and demand for Sheen Genie has grown exponentially throughout the last few years. Our brand has been considered to be one of the best chrome polish products in the automotive industry by our customers (and even some competitors).

We’re proud to announce that you no longer have to wait for an upcoming car show or trade event to acquire this amazing metal polish product. The best chrome polish on the market is now available for the same price right here on our website. In fact, go ahead and do that now. Polishing your metal accents has never been easier or more satisfying.

Sheen Genie is the best kept secret in the professional automotive detailing industry. Our chrome polish is now available to the general public.