5 Things You Need To Know About Sheen Genie

Whether you have been polishing metal products for decades or you don’t know the first thing about polishing metal, Sheen Genie’s goal is to educate people on the latest technologies out there today so you can then take that information and make your best choice as to what to use for your metals. With that said, here are five facts about Sheen Genie that you should know.

No Abrasives. There are no abrasives in the Sheen Genie formula, at all. Even without harmful abrasives in your standard formula, we’ve been able to engineer a product that truly polishes metal, bringing out that original shine without all of the wear and tear you get from using those damaging abrasives. At Sheen Genie, we’ve proven that abrasives aren’t needed for proper metal care. Abrasives are commonly added to metal polishing formulas, and if you use the wrong one, use too much force or too much product you could easily harm the metal by cutting through protective layers. Sheen Genie has been able to come with a water-based solution that eliminates that worry.

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User-Friendly. The chemists at Sheen Genie were asked to come up with an incredibly user-friendly product. They came up with a formula that creates a shine by means of a soft chemical reaction not just the physical act of polishing. This chemical reaction aids in the application of the product, cuts down on the time it takes to apply, and works without using a ton of force while rubbing the product on the metal.

Longevity of Shine. The lack of solvents and oils found in the Sheen Genie formula aid tremendously in the final results and longevity of the shine that is created. Sheen Genie’s shine can last in excess of six months or more.

Perfect Viscosity. Creating the perfect texture or viscosity is key to a winning product. After numerous tests our chemists discovered that the key to a winning polishing product was its thickness. There are too many polishing metal products out on the market that are very thin requiring a ton of product to be applied before the desired results are obtained. Some products we had tested were so watered down and thin that the application required the entire bottle of metal polish and that was just to finish one job! There are other products out there that are thick like putty and that requires more physical effort as well as watering down. Our chemists spent several years of researching and developing the right combination of ingredients to make up the perfect solution. Classic car with close-up on headlights

This perfect solution doesn’t utilize harmful abrasives or petroleum, it’s formulated from a water base which is not harmful to the environment, allows for the best shine with minimal effort, and its shine from one application can last months which saves time and money.

No Petroleum solvents or gels. Sheen Genie does not use any petroleum solvents or gels because they can typically leave a residue behind on the surface of the metal. This residue will allow the collection of dust and unwanted micro debris to rest upon the surface. The only way to get rid of this residue would be to buffer and wipe repeatedly which is completely unnecessary with Sheen Genie.

The latest advances in technology has led the makers of Sheen Genie to the understanding of metal surface issues. In turn this has helped to create a simple yet highly effective product to use and how to protect it. We are extremely confident that Sheen Genie offers the finest polishing metal product ever created.


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