A Brief Into Metal Polish History – Why Not Name Brands?

From time to time customers come up with some very interesting questions. Recently while attending an event a customer posed an excellent question to us. While it’s neat that some of the customers genuinely want to know the answers to some interesting questions, sometimes we can be caught off-guard with some of the questions that are asked. After all we are the metal polishing experts!

The Metal Polish Brand Question

The question asked was this: “If the technology Sheen Genie created is far so superior to other metal polish brands, then why haven’t other brand polishes followed your example in formula?” What an excellent question to ask! We are very thrilled that our customers aren’t just buying our system because we tell them how amazing it is, but actually take an interest into the industry. If take a moment to read further you may find a similar interest the answer.old non polished metal truck

The response we gave was like this: The origins of metal polish began in the early 1900’s. This is a time when automobiles were beginning to be mass produced by the masterful and innovative Henry Ford. For the first time in history there was a need for aftermarket products for automobiles. Keeping care of your new car was a new thing. Common products that quickly gained popularity were waxes, to protect the paint, and other types of cleaners. The market was not yet saturated by competing companies. There simply wasn’t the demand of these types of products before the overnight success of motor transportation. Now, as part of a growing industry, you see the market starting to get waxes, cleaners, and polishes being developed and sold to the direct public. As you can imagine those same companies are common household names. They were just in the infancy of the market.

The Metal Polish Brand Answer

Which leads us to the answer. People trust brand names. They believe if it made it to the shelves of a major name-brand chain then it must be at least good enough to work. As a manufacturer of a successful brand that only became successful due to the success of the products (100 years ago), the majority of the times the companies don’t want to alter the formulas being sold. After all, they’re officially nationally and globally known brands. Bottom line is many of the products at the retail level are the exact same technologies developed a 100 years ago. If it works why change it? They also have patents. Patents are used to protect the exact formula ingredients and the methodology used in lab to produce the formula. It also prevents the, from modifying the formula because then a new patent would be required and also would force the company to release public information notifying a formula change. Basically admitting they know they should improve. Look, it’s not that their products don’t work at all, it’s that they don’t actually protect your metal surface as much as believed. Read more about protecting your metal surface here. Then Sheen Genie comes in!

Over time, you’ll also find that these companies are driven by profits, not innovation. Some materials are acquired and provided cheaper and cheaper. The quality of the product lessens over time in favor of making a few extra cents per sale.

Brand word on vintage car license plates, concept signThe advanced Sheen Genie formula is currently a trade secret. You’ll find that we’re not yet registered on the uspto.gov website. As a trade secret, our formula remains our formula without the worry of a chemist researching the ingredients that would be publicly listed on the uspto.gov website. Once finding these advanced ingredients, they could slightly modify the formula and legally get away with it. We worked hard for years on developing our technology. The companies you find in retail have a history of a business with name recognition for generating sales from years of brand recognition. Sheen Genie simply has a successful formula in the bottle. Our technology can’t be reproduced because it’s a trade secret which prevents even a slightly modified formula of our technology from being created.

Now, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of our advanced technology and for a more equally affordable price than many of the store bought polishes. This is why we attend hundreds of auto related events throughout the country every year. Our products are available online anytime. We would like to thank you for reading this article and it is our hope that our readers and customers find this resourceful. We enjoy speaking to you whether at a live event or through our website! We encourage you to ask us questions, regardless of what it is.

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