Are You A Metal Polishing DIY Kind Of Person? Read On

With DIY projects on your cars or motorcycles becoming more and more popular we wanted to discuss the benefits of using a professionally formulated metal polish to knock out the job quickly as opposed to just a standard retail metal polish brand. One of the many reasons Sheen Genie has been so successful in assisting enthusiasts with polishing their metal to a like-new finish is because of how our formula works. It’s designed to making metal polishing easy while providing show room results. What most people find impressive with Sheen Genie is the fact that it’s as simple as wipe-on and wipe-off. You don’t have to let the polish formula sit and dry. It works instantaneously.metal polished vintage chrome wheel

Enthusiasts are already accustomed to polishing metal. For example, just 20 short years ago to polish metal surfaces, several different abrasives compounds and buffing wheels were required. It usually became quite a project to not only polish and apply the different compounds, but also to spend the time and muscle to ‘buff” the compounds out and off. The old school chrome-heads can attest to the many hours and elbow grease that was needed just to get a slightly better shine. As science has progressed so have the methods. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to get rid of the headache and often times overwhelming feelings of tackling the metal on your hot rod or motorcycle many people turned to professional polishing shops. These shops not only offered the materials and the labor, but they invested in a lot of buffing and spreading machinery that would help to make these polishing jobs much better in a shorter amount of time. Still, the standard guy who wants a shine didn’t always have the time or the access to make this happen.

So What’s The Metal Polishing Solution?

We took this crux and saw the need for a new way to polish metal. Something that would be much faster, less headache, less cost, and substantially less time consuming. After thousands of hours of research and banging our heads on the wall (lol), we were able to come up with the original formula known today as Sheen Genie Metal Polish. It can be a daunting thought taking on any DIY projects, however, we kept this in mind when created our breakthrough formula! Literally now all it requires is a simple wipe on wipe off application! Our formula doesn’t work with just buffing things around on your metal surface. It works with advanced science and chemically eats away oxidation on the spot. We aren’t kidding about this. The polish simply dissolves oxidation on the surface of the metal and removes it safely. To make this happen, we’ve employed over 30 different ingredients in our metal polish formula to handle an array of issues today’s metal faces from sun-baked road grime, or heated stains on the radiator, and the ever common blue-ing on the exhaust pipes and exhaust tips.

metal polished motorcycle

Protect Your Shine For Up To 6 Months!

We discovered something important. You don’t have to polish your metal all the time. Why? There’s no need to do this. So the next problem we tackled was how to keep the polish and shine look for a longer amount of time. We successfully created a simple metal protectant. It’s our all metal sealer. This sealer and repellent adds an invisible clear-coat to the high gloss results and allows the polish to last for up to 6 months. When applying our sealer, we’ve made it easy for you to know where it’s been applied. The sealer and repellent will ever so slightly haze so that you know where you need to wipe and apply. This makes application and removal very simple for anyone.

Sheen Genie At Your Local Car Show

We attend many car shows and trade shows each year. Thousands of our customers have asked if there was a more simple way to obtain Sheen Genie other than at these shows. Some people come to the show just to buy our products! That’s loyal dedication and we see it all over the United States. Perhaps you haven’t heard of our formula or new technology in polishing your aluminum or chrome surfaces. Look around our website or even take a moment to read through our Metal Polish FAQ and get a good idea of what Sheen Genie does and how it can work for you. If you haven’t tried Sheen Genie you may want to consider using our technology. What do you have to lose? If you don’t like it for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund you 100% for your purchase. Not only can we ensure professional results, but we are making life much easier and worry free with our simple, safe, and advanced solution.

You Should Buy Sheen Genie!

Don’t just take our word for it, look over the testimonials of just a handful of a couple of our customers and their honest opinions. Feel free to add our metal polish solution to your shopping cart and check out. Good Luck!

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