Polishing Out Chrome or Plastic Grills Mini Tutorial

A Mini Tutorial on Polishing Out Chrome and Plastic Chrome Grills

One of the most exposed surfaces on classic and modern vehicles is the grills. Many grills in the classic automotive industry are featured and at the fore-front. Making sure this one in particular surface is cleaned and polished is an absolute is you’re looking for First in Class at the show! The majority of class and new car owners hope these surfaces will stay clean with a vehicle wash. However, with the all new Sheen Genie Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner we’ve stepped into this area to create the solution. The days are over where you have to ship them off and pay steep metal polishing company prices along with shipping and the time consuming process.


Water, oxidation and bug splats are the main problems. Until now there hasn’t been a solution for these types of problems for grills. In fact many people simply look past this project because the solution hasn’t been available. Isn’t it time someone addressed this? The answer was blatantly obvious to us the metal cleaning and polishing experts! Our answer is the Sheen Genie Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner. This particular formula is unbelievable how it solves the issue. With ease this is cleaned and polished. Applying 4 sprays directly onto a micro-fiber is all the professionally concentrated formula that’s required. At this point you simply wipe it on and then take another section of the micro-fiber and wipe it off. It’s really just that simple. We’ve always believed consumers are entitled to the greatest possible results. Which includes solving problems for our customers.

Highly Concentrated Cleaning Agents!

A thinner viscosity is imperative. Also a non abrasive approach and fast acting cleaning agents is what comprises the proprietary formula. When dealing with multi-faceted surfaces it’s imperative for a quick application. This has all been accomplished with the Sheen Genie Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner! Applying a thicker viscosity metal polishing compound takes to long. Period. Also, if you’ve never had to find out the hard way most polishes don’t clean. All to often avid polishers have polished their wheels and metals to see water spots and stains left behind. Our liquid spray is a version of our High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner, however, highly increased concentrations of the cleaning agents. It’s design to clean on contact without effort, pressure or buffing whatsoever.


If you haven’t noticed by now the tutorial consist of spraying directly onto a micro-fiber and then immediately wiping it right off. You’ll find Sheen Genie tutorials are very short. Our products do the work for you as they should. You’re the customer and the customer should always expect, demand and deserve the absolute best. We believe we’ve done this. We’re so confident all of our products come with a 100% money back guarantee. If it’s not that easy we’all purchase it back from you. No question asked!


Sheen Genie liquid spray metal cleaner


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