Cleaning Clear-Coated and Non-Bare Metal Surfaces

Over the years we’ve been asked a multitude of questions regarding clear-coated and non-bare metal surfaces. Such as “my wheels are clear-coated, will it work on those, and when I’m polishing my trim if it gets on the paint will it scratch it or damage it?” These are excellent questions and we’re happy when customers can ask these types of questions and have the confidence that what we tell them is accurate. One of the perks of being the authority in metal polish!

Sheen Genie is Clear-Coat Safe! We mean it!

It’s a fair and genuine question and concern being addressed. The last thing anyone wishes to happen is damaging or scratching of the metals finish. Take for instance Tungsten and Titanium rings and wedding bands. These metals have a darker color. If someone were to apply an abrasive compound such as a jewelers rouge the shine if anything would actually become dull. These metals are not meant to be buffed out as they’re designed to be that way. Sheen Genie if it doesn’t polish the metal it simply cleans the surface and safely to that measure. For the customers looking for a nice Sheen on these metals after cleaned a coating of our sealer would deepen the gloss by itself giving a darker made metal a shine without the wear and tear. Our sealer deepens gloss by adding depth.

Another great example is the trim that runs along side the sides of classic hot rods. Typically these metals are stainless and prone to oxidization but that’s not what were addressing because we already know Sheen Genie removes oxidation. But what about when Sheen Genie touches the clear-coated paint when polishing these items? Using an abrasive polish and a buffing wheel these types of compounds start to scratch the clear-coat down and if the compound is aggressive enough they can actually scratch the paint! Green motorcycle Sheen Genie is non-abrasive meaning if it doesn’t polish the metal because it’s chemicals target specific build-up it won’t hurt other surfaces it touches. In fact it cleans them! Perfectly clear-coat safe. Also, if for example the paint is oxidized then yes, Sheen Genie dissolves it because that’s what it does. 😎  It’s important to mention Sheen Genie is a High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner keyword cleaner!

If you currently don’t know if a surface is clear-coated or non-bare IE, unpolishable metal a quick test is to take a small drop of our water base cleaner polish and gently wipe onto that surface. If no black appears on the towel it means you have an unpolishable metal. There’s two reasons black appears one oxidation that’s what shows up on your towel and then also black that appears onto the metal directly. This is not oxidation. It’s the oils inside the polish. Not to worry Sheen Genie is water base! Education makes for more informed and less impulsive decisions. Many metal polish companies or companies that offer metal polish claim the excessive black residue is how you know it’s working. This isn’t exactly true. Yes, oxidation on the towel but oils on the metal is simply a negative by-product of using abrasive ingredients. Another tell-tell sign is if the polish has an odor and even more simple is to look at the lower back part of the label. It lists if the product contains petroleum solvents! 👈 Tip!

What about the effects on clear-coated wheels? We know it won’t scratch but is it entirely redundant? Not at all. These finishes attract build-up whether it’s brake-dust, road-grime, and or water-spots. Sheen Genie literally cleans on contact absorbing and then breaking down the debris chemically in order to prevent spreading the build-up. This makes for a quicker more user friendly application. Since the polish thoroughly cleans and lifts the debris and remnants off the surface the clear-coated wheels are flawless reflecting light to effect! In addition by adding a coat of our sealer it deepens and add depth giving the perception of a higher gloss where typical coated wheels simply look painted. Stand out! The sealer also fills in the molecular pores of the factory finish preventing build-up from bonding and sticking to the surface! That’s right repels build-up.

Safe for plastic chrome too? Yup!

How about plastic chrome? Plastic chrome is found on several newly manufactured vehicles. Handle bars, trim work, and accent features. Using a chrome polish can peel the plastic off and typical plastic cleaners such as trading losses headlight cleaners usually have abrasives in them as well just like the chrome polishes. Plastic cleaners generally are designed for black plastic accents. Meaning alcohol and silicone are being used. These ingredients cloud it over and leaves behind the water spots that were there to begin with. That’s why Sheen Genie has been formulated with 30 ingredients! Yes, even on plastic chrome Sheen Genie High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner works. Use only a micro-fiber when applying as Terry towels or your household cotton towels can create hair-line scratches when it comes to highly visible metals that naturally have a high gloss finish to them such as plastic chrome. A quarter size drop for each accent or panel is all that’s required. Sheen Genie products are all professional concentrates. Simply graze the cleaner on and then wipe it right back off. We recommend following this application with our sealer and then keeping it up with our spray wax detailer in between applications.

Sheen Genie tips: If the surfaces are not oxidized you can if you choose to mix the cleaner and sealer together (please see the video on your right on mixing polish & sealer products. 👉) Only when metals are oxidized do you have to apply them separately. If you’re simply cleaning if you’ll go ahead and take a quarter size drop of both products wipe them down and then let dry for two minutes you can effectively clean and seal the finish in! Then just once every six months afterwards. Also, if the car or bike is garage kept you can leave the sealer on the entire winter to help prevent moisture from braking down the sealant while it’s climate controlled. Some enthusiast use fans for this very reason, however, save yourself some money and just apply a quick thin coat of our sealer!

To learn more or to purchase your set today please visit our online store today. Check out some of our other products offered to you for your shopping convenience and results. From time to time we periodically release and introduce new products to our marketplace so be sure to check back regularly as well. As with the money back guarantee we stand behind, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! Try Sheen Genie today!


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