Do You Really Need to Seal Metal Surfaces to Keep the Shine?

This is a question that we hear from people who might be new to how the Sheen Genie total metal polish system works. Sealing your metal is a new concept. For those of you who are want to know a little more about this, here you go:

We’d like to shed some light on true and proper metal care. It’s not always about having that show room high gloss on the metal our metal polish provides its sometimes more important to some to preserve their metal! It’s about having the best quality of metal surface. It needs to be protected as soon as possible. Just like anything, over time, and without proper care your metal surface will deteriorate. Because of this, we’ve introduced a metal polish system to help you seal metal surfaces to make the shine last longer.seal metal surfaces

Our customers all have bare metals. Bare metals take a beating. From salt in the air, oxidation, calcium deposits, brake-dust, magnesium chloride, rust, baked in stains etc… Typically the most detrimental is the atmosphere environment in places where snow and salt are most prominent. Such as coastal areas and mountain climates where extremely large amounts of cold weather produces heavy amounts of snow. We all know that salt and special mixes are spread out on the road to help encourage ice melting and better traction where your tires meet the ice. This salt or road mix can eat through your beautiful chrome. Nobody wants that.

Even chrome, although a naturally glossy metal doesn’t have any protective finishes or coatings on top to protect from these environments. If you’ve ever purchased chrome wheels right out of the box for your vehicle then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Chrome surfaces, while naturally shiny, are also most prone to corrode and rust out long before the chrome finish itself has deteriorated. Most items are chrome plated and the last thing you want is that plating to flake off.

North Eastern states of America have unusually high amounts of rust under the carriage of the vehicle due to moisture in the weather and road conditions which ultimately decreases not only the value but the life of the vehicle. There’s an array of issues regarding metal, making it last, and looking good at the same time which is why we developed our sealer.

You see, it’s already known that Sheen Genie’s metal polish is 2nd to none. Once you’ve cleaned off the metal, removing all traces of oxidation you now have a fresh surface. You need to protect that surface by sealing your metal surface. This is why we offer a sealer + repellent as part of our system.

Any one who truly understands the vital importance of metal care knows that our metal sealer is necessary! Our sealer works by bonding down to the metal or surface preventing all elements in its tracks. In fact we are so serious about this issue that we tell everyone to repeat the sealer application once every 6 months when in fact it lasts longer! When you seal metal surfaces, it doesn’t allow oxygen or any other atmospheric elements to touch the metal. It even sheets water off not allowing calcium deposits to eat away at the sealer and ultimately rusting out the finish. Our sealer in addition has been designed to withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit preventing even bluing or discoloration from breaking down the heated metals such as valve covers, radiators and exhaust tips along with many other surfaces.

Our sealer, although works by itself with any metal, and without the treatment of our metal polish, we do recommend having a flawless finish before applying. This is achieved by purifying the finish with our metal polish. Unlike other metal polishes, Sheen Genie cleans the metal without the use of oils or petroleum (our formula is water based) therefore not leaving any residues behind that can attract build-up and prevent the overall aesthetics from decreasing. Without residues, there’s no need for buffing. We’re saving you time and elbow grease all while creating a seal metal surfaces

We love hearing from our customers and even those who haven’t yet purchased our products. If you have any questions feel free to take a tour of our website or contacting us through our website or any of our social media pages.

If you have other questions: We’ve been trying to gather them and add them to our every popular metal polish product FAQ.

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