How to Save Money on Aluminum Polish Jobs

The cost of polishing aluminum is definitely high. If you’d bring your car, motorcycle, or semi to a polishing company or hire a professional to do it, you will have to pay up to hundreds of dollars in labor and aluminum polish.

There are at least two reasons why you have to pay top dollar if you bring your aluminum pieces to a polishing shop. One is that the polishing company will have to assign a professional to do it. They may claim that they used a proprietary polishing technique to do it (short of saying they have some polishing techniques that only they know). They will also have to charge you for the polishing materials (e.g. aluminum polish) and tools (if any) that they’d use.

This can often be a good decision, especially if you have a classic car or motorcycle that needs special attention or care. When you spend tens of thousands of dollars restoring a prized possession, you should look to the professionals to help with your metal polishing needs.aluminum polished engine

Why Not Polish Aluminum Yourself?

That’s a lot of money to spend to make your car or bike look fabulous. That is why some folks would rather do all the polishing work themselves. However, there are a few downsides to doing that too.

First off, you need to set aside some time to do it. If you’re planning on buffing your aluminum surfaces, you will have to allocate at least an hour to really make your aluminum look great. You save on labor, but you also need to spend some money on the aluminum polish itself.

That sounds easy, right? In reality, no, it’s not that easy. You see, you just don’t use any kind of aluminum polish sold in stores. There are actually several kinds of aluminum and you have to get the right polish for your application. You have to figure out if you’re working with aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium, or maybe you may just be working on a more standard clear coated aluminum.

Other than using the wrong type of aluminum cleanser and polisher, is the fact that many metal polish brands use abrasives and harmful chemicals. Most of them use petroleum gels and even solvents. It’s true that when you’re done polishing your aluminum surface, they should look almost new; for today. Those kinds of things can do a lot of damage on an aluminum surface in the long run.

These chemicals and petroleum solvents you’ll find in most metal polishes leave some residue on the metal surface. The residue is slightly tacky (and even electromagnetic) and will gather dust particles and particulate debris. In addition, since vehicle owners tend to wipe their cars, trucks, bikes (etc.) clean on a regular basis, they may not know it but they are slowly leaving small scratch marks on the surface of the metal and wearing away the initial protective layer that was purposely placed there by the manufacturer.

aluminum polish exhaustYes! Totally Do It Yourself, But Are You Using The Best Technology?

Sheen Genie is unlike any product on the market today. It was purposely designed without any petroleum solvents, abrasives (such as rouge) or harsh chemicals. This means that the chemical components of this aluminum polishing solution do not need to scratch or leave any residue on a metal surface to clean it up.

This aluminum polish actually removes the dirt and micro debris on the metal surface, getting rid of them, and eats away oxidation or petroleum solvent streaks via light chemical reaction, all without scratching the surface. This minimizes the scratches that could be made on the aluminum surface. It does not eat away the protective layer of the metal.

Sheen Genie boasts that you no longer need to ‘buff” your metal surfaces. A simple wipe on and wipe off is all you need. This is also the reason why you don’t need to buff the metal after applying Sheen Genie. This is also the reason why this aluminum polish formula acts instantly the moment you apply it on the metal surface. This is why it is the best and most cost efficient solution on the market today.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars in polishing costs. Save your arms from tiring because of all the buffing. Use the most advanced, yet easy to use metal polish solution on the market. Use Sheen Genie.

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