Motorcycle Chrome Polish

Sheen Genie is the most ideal motorcycle chrome polish available on the general market. Motorcycle chrome is especially delicate compared to other chroming processes and metals because of the exposed surface area of the chrome and the constant contact the chrome will have with the environment. It’s extremely important to take care of chrome it will begin to flake and even fully detach itself from the metal beneath. Of course this means that chrome is especially difficult to properly care and treat as strong abrasives and harsh chemicals run the risk of not repairing or shining the chrome, but having the opposite effect and harming and damaging the chrome. However, Sheen Genie is scientifically designed to ensure that this does not happen.

Why It Works

Chemical Chrome Polish

Sheen Genie is the perfect motorcycle chrome polish available because it does not use any harsh chemicals, nor does it use abrasives to shine and polish metals, such as chrome. Sheen Genie is able to be used on a variety of different metals at the time and maintain the same effectiveness. This means there is no need to switch products for different parts of the motorcycle. This helps maintain the life of the motorcycle without causing accidental cross over contamination.

Our metal polish utilizes over 30 advanced ingredients, each designed specifically for today’s common and uncommon problems. One problem we often see and hear about is bluing. Bluing on your motorcycle’s metal parts is extremely common. It’s a heat discoloration of the chrome or aluminum typically present on motorcycle exhaust. Many customers prior to discovering Sheen Genie motorcycle chrome polish and sealant seriously considered powder coating as the solution to this on-going issue. Whether it’s bluing, golding, or yellowing a simple wipe on wipe off application will remove all of the undesired coloration along with any current oxidation or boot marks on the exhaust. Removing the damage is the first step, sealing with our heat resistant protective barrier is the second. Heat resistant pp to 600 degrees users will never again have to worry about the finish faded or becoming corrosive because it’s too hot.

Heat Protection

Hot Motorcycle

An extremely important point to realize is that Sheen Genie was specifically designed to be heat resistant. The Sheen Genie metal polish has been tested up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking down, hazing, or losing shine. This means that there is no fear of having Sheen Genie exposure to the internal workings and engine of the motorcycle. When using Sheen Genies as a motorcycle chrome polish you can rest assured that there compound will not cause any damage to the motorcycle parts, regardless of their function on the motorcycle. Sheen Genie is ideal for copper wiring and works to reduce oxidation buildup, as well. This means that even electric wires that are exposed to Sheen Genie will react positively, and may even improve the performance of your motorcycle after being used.

Once Sheen Genie has been used to restore and polish all of the metals on your motorcycle, the sealant can be used to ensure that the polish and gloss remains for up to six months. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a cleaned and polished motorcycle with minimal care and without heavy labor. Remember that our sealer and repellant will help your newly polished look last for up to 6 months. In some areas, this means really only one major polish at the beginning of the riding season, then you’re done!

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