Truck Polish

Get High End Truck Polish!

Truck enthusiasts from all over the world typically feel the same way about their trucks.  New or old, they have spirit.  Many people spend a lot of time and energy trying to preserve and protect their “baby” or “beast” from the elements of the outdoors.  We know how some of your are… You like to use your truck, well, like a truck. This is a big blanket statement right?  There are a lot of different types of trucks: pickup trucks, semi trucks, 4 wheel drive trucks, 2 wheel drive trucks, street trucks, utility trucks, diesel trucks, etc… just to name a few.  Sheen Genie wants to help everyone to make sure their pride is preserved with the looks and down-right shine you can get from these amazing vehicles.

Everyone loves their truck: the powerful engine; the towing capacity; the ability to handle off road and virtually any weather conditions.  Trucks are the backbone of the North America and represent the America Dream at its finest.  However, there is no better way to display your truck pride than to use Sheen Genie truck polish to restore the various metals on the truck to a deep and rich like new polish and shine. Sheen Genie is the best and easiest to use truck polish in existence.  There’s a sense of pride you feel when you know that your chrome trim, chrome wheels, and diamond plate boxes are smudge, dirt, and oxidation free.  Others see it that way too.

Sheen Genie truck polish is unique to other metal polishes in that one product can be used to polish all metals from heavy and durable stainless steel to light and soft chrome.  Sheen Genie works different than traditional metal polishes, as well.  Traditional metal polishes work by apply harsh chemical abrasives on the truck and then either scrubbing or buffing out the rust or oxidation.  This diminishes the metals and causes wear and tear damage to the hull integrity of the truck throughout the years.  Sheen Genie’s revolutionary compound, however, changes the way in which truck polish is performed in the most basic sense.  Sheen Genie works as a chemical reaction directly at the root of the problem, removing rust, light scratches, and other problems of oxidation.

Do I Need to Polish My Truck?

Trucks are especially drawn to the dangers of oxidation because of their function in working outdoors and in heavy labor capacity.  The exposure of trucks to different elements increases the likelihood of oxidation and speeds up the aging process of the metal.  Without a strong oxidation solvent like Sheen Genie it is possible that eventual oxidation of the metal will cause longer term problems for the truck.  Tackle those problems head on using Sheen Genie.

Using Sheen Genie is simple.  Apply the compound to the metal of the truck that needs treatment and let it sit until the desired deoxidation occurs.  The longer the solvent sits on the metal, the more work it is able to accomplish.  Remove the solvent when the metal meets shine and polish expectations.  Also remember to keep the shiny and lustrous look of the polished truck to use the sealer afterward.  The Sheen Genie sealer will lock in the shine and gloss of the truck for at least six months.

If you have any kind of truck and want a metal polish that will help to preserve and protect your investment, you need what Sheen Genie offers.  Do yourself a favor and purchase our metal polish and protection system.  With our money back guarantee, and the ease of use, what do you have to lose?