New Site, New Products — New Looking Rides!

After a decade of leading technology for metal polish we felt it was time to develop additional technologies for the everyday user. We’ve listened to you and as a result we’ve developed cutting edge specialty products to make your lives easier and to provide the market with the latest advancements in science for the after market industry. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just entering into the world of car care Sheen Genie has you covered!

Listed below are some of the newest products to hit the Sheen Genie product line:

  1. Sheen Genie Severe Corrosion & Rust Remover
  2. Sheen Genie Liquid Spray Metal Cleaner
  3. Sheen Genie 4 Headlights Lens Restorer
  4. Sheen Genie Rubber, Vinyl & Tire Shine
  5. Sheen Genie Polishing Towels
  6. Sheen Genie Micro-Fiber Towels

In addition we’ve released additional product lines Whip Finish specializing in paint care, Big Dawgs specializing in anti fog, and Jewelry Sheen specializing in jewelry care. As with all of our products your complete 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

After a decade of being in business, attending auto related events across the continental US, and speaking to tens of thousands of enthusiasts as well as listening to the masses we created the most asked and requested products. Our products and there applications are designed to simply satisfy our customers. These new products were created with you in mind, you asked for them and Sheen Genie delivered! We know the same satisfaction you’ve experienced with our Sheen Genie High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner, Sealer + Repellent, and our Quick Spray Wax Detailer will ultimately be experienced when you apply our latest technologies.

Regardles of the project your tackling let Sheen Genie assist. We’re all about our customers and because of this you’ll find our products and the user-friendliness of them along with the results they provide will satisfy you. Your rides are your passion, your rides are also part of ours. Being part of the community is more than us offering exceptional products it’s about truly being part of the subculture of America. Sheen Genie has earned this solely due to its outstanding performance, customer care and diligence it’s delivered over the past 10 years. That being said we still will not take advantage of the popularity of our company name. Our intention is the same as it’s always been, solving problems for people. We believe we’ve accomplished this is new ways with our new products.

Sheen Genie is hand-blended!

Many of our customers don’t realize we hand-blend all of our formulas. This ensures accuracy with the precise methodology being used with each batch. Instead of mechanically mixing in 15,000 gallon vats we work on a much smaller scale, trust us it’s not ideal for our warehouse staff. However, part of being part of Sheen Genie is all about the effectiveness for the end user, you! Product consistency is exceptionally thought out with years of experience in this particular area. Our quality control specialist are bar none some of the best in the industry. Sheen Genie has come a long way in 10 years from quality control, to customer care, and and the expedience of product shipment to our customers.

Sheen Genie Metal Polish Reviews are All 5 Stars!

No longer do you only have to take our word for it, now our integrity is proven with verified purchases. Discover yourself not only on will you find testimonials but also our social media accounts and third party distributor sites! We diligently fought for our positive reviews. Yes, we’ve always known how amazing our metal polish and sealer were but now you do too. If you haven’t yet discovered first hand for yourself please take a tour of our website and secure online store and find out for yourself! We intend for the same positive receptiveness to trinket over by the waves into all of the new products we now offer. However, we still extend our same money back guarantee to our complete line. Period.

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