Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Brass Instruments?



It’s not just enough to be a good musician and produce a good music. It also takes a top notch musical instrument.

The importance of maintaining brass instruments is commonly underestimated. However, it can give many years of good service and performance when treated with tender loving care.

It’s more like having a pet, it shouldn’t be locked up for a long time and has to take a bath from time to time. Good thing, instruments don’t need to be house-trained. They just need to be loved and cared for. Here are more tips on how to take care of brass instruments:

  • Avoid hammering the instrument. Although most parts are made of metal, brass instruments are still very fragile. It can dent with a simple kick or throw.
  • Always lock the case when placing the instrument. Incidents could happen commonly when the instrument is left unattended and out of its case.
  • Don’t keep anything inside the case aside from the instrument. Unless they have a compartment, don’t place music books or other item in the case
  • Never place down the instrument on its bell.  It has to stand with the valve up.
  • Don’t bang the mouthpiece in. All brass instruments have a removable mouthpiece. Insert it with a gentle clockwise twist and remove it counterclockwise.
  • Always clean the mouthpiece.  The mouthpiece should be cleaned at least once a week or every time it is used.
  • Treat valves with care. Piston valves are the most problematic part of the instrument when not taken care of. They have to be oiled once a week. Gently open the top valve cap. If it’s stuck, ask for professional help. Don’t use tools like pliers to open it up. Rotary valve maintenance is tricky but easy as it doesn’t need attention often. If there is a problem, just seek professional help. A stuck rotary valve should never be forced, otherwise the strings will snap.
  • Never try to repair instruments with tools. Unless you are trained in instrument repair, avoid using any tools on it. They can only do more damage than good.
  • Use a trusted brass polish. Brass instruments often get oxidized. Choosing the right brass polish is a bit tricky as most cleaners have ammonia in their compound, which can cause stress corrosion cracking. Sheen Genie reverses the effect of impurities and oxidation as it chemically removes and dissolves them with its advanced formula.

Poor maintenance can make the instrument harder to use and can even cause damage that requires expensive repairs. Cleaning an instrument doesn’t have to be a difficult or tedious work. Regular maintenance will help get a better sound and much more life from instrument.


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