How To Remove The Cloudy Haze on Billet Aluminum With Sheen Genie

One of the most common questions we field day in and day out is how to remove the cloudy haze on billet aluminum. It’s one of the most common problems with billet metal, especially when you end up using a compound or oil based product from another brand. Whether it’s the wheels or your custom accessories you’ve probably had problems with hazing or clouding during your metal polishing adventures. And, that’s okay because Sheen Genie products are professionally formulated problem solving formulas! Not only are we’re going to tell you exactly how to get rid of the haze but we’re also going to tell you why it’s happened and how to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. billet aluminum semi truck wheel

Let’s first take a glimpse at what’s actually causing this in the first place. It’s a common misconception that the cloudy haze is simply oxidation and that billet simply oxidizes much faster than regular aluminum wheels. Yes, you’ve read it correctly it’s a common misconception – not real. Billet aluminum is polished to a high gloss by the wheel and grill manufacturers and although they’re produced by several manufacturers, you’ll rarely come across a dull one off the show room floor. After you’ve placed the billet aluminum wheels or accessories on your vehicle it’s typical to see hazing start after 24 – 48 hours. At this point you think that a simple polishing should take care of it. After the initial polish you start seeing black on your towel and metal so you think you must be doing something right. You remove the black residue and stand back but those that are honest with themselves begin to wonder why there’s still a cloud. When another day passes, you find that it’s even worse. Does this sound familiar?

This next part is complex so read carefully and re-read if you need to. It’s not oxidation it’s petroleum solvents left on the metal from the polish you’ve been using! That’s right, you’re the reason that your billet aluminum is hazing. Applying more petroleum based polishes simply coat the metal with additional layers of grease. Air (oxygen) touching the metal surface starts a process called oxidation. It takes more than 24 hours for any noticeable signs to appear. Professional metal polishers who haven’t heard of Sheen Genie that still use greasy compounds apply a powder to the metal after polishing to help absorb the oils. A simple towel doesn’t absorb oil as oil bonds more closely to the metal surfaces. If you don’t use powder like the professional polishing shops then the finish on the billet aluminum will stay cloudy. The simple answer isn’t using powder, and here’s why: If the polish you’re using is petroleum based then the polish also is using abrasive ingredients. Abrasives using the petroleum don’t mix with water! So even if you were to use powder you’re still finely scratching the metal which doesn’t generate the highest clearest gloss possible. There’s a better way…

The Solution To The Billet Aluminum Polish Haze Problem

polish sealer wax setThe solution? Sheen Genie High Gloss All Metal Polish + Cleaner and Sheen Genie Sealer + Repellent! If you have oils Sheen Genie isn’t just designed to remove oxidation, our formula has been designed with cleaning ingredients capable of removing oils left by other polishes. The black residue that builds on the metal won’t exist to begin with since the black residue is actually the petroleum solvents and not the oxidation! When using Sheen Genie the only black you’ll ever see is on your towel (not the metal surface) and it will only exist if your metal, in fact does have oxidation. On top of these huge benefits Sheen Genie works by a simple chemical reaction eliminating all that effort and elbow grease and buffing. You aren’t working at scratching and grinding abrasives into the metal; rather, you’re simply breaking down the impurities and lifting them safely without having to scratch the surface. This process, which is hardly a process, wipes on and wipes in a matter of moments. Sheen Genie wipes off without the petroleum oils and will allow your billet to stay polished for up to a month. Unless you use our sealer + protectant. How long with the sealer? polished aluminum wheels on classic carA guaranteed 6 months. That even applies to semi trucks driving through the winter time with sandy and salted roads. That’s with all the residue and dirt from the roads coating your exterior. 6 months! We have customers tell us it lasts up to a year without polishing. When you find that you’re surface is a little dirty, it takes nothing more than a simple hose down with water to bring back the original shine and luster from when you polished last.

It’s important to know that you are only reading this and you may not have tried Sheen Genie for yourself. We formally invite you to try out our amazing technologies by making a purchase with us through our secure online shopping cart. Go here to order!

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