The Best Metal Polishing Product

We would like to share the benefit and ease of use for the best metal polishing product on the market.

Metal polishing has traditionally relied upon harsh abrasives and petroleum based solvents for effectiveness.  This is a tremendous drawback to any collector and proud owner of automobiles, as it carries the potential to ruin the surface of the car parts and even worse damage the vehicle looks.  Additionally, aside from using a coarse abrasive for metal polishing, the process required extensive buffering equating into more time and manpower needed to attain the desired shine.  We like to joke that you can burn far more calories using other metal polishes that require buffing.  With new technology and lab tested formulas, the metal polishing industry has had the bar raised with the Sheen Genie metal polishing system.

Sheen Genie has been tested on, and is great for the following metal polishing:

  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Billet
  • Silver
  • Diamond Plate
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Gold

The reason Sheen Genie significantly changes the metal polishing industry has been because of the removing of harsh abrasives and eliminating the need to buffer after use.  Sheen Genie accomplishes this by removing build up, rust, discoloration, and other imperfections through a water based polish and a polymer based sealer.

Since its initial production and manufacturing, Sheen Genie has become one of the fastest growing and most successful metal polish on the market, especially in the automotive industry.  This is because Sheen Genie removes all of the risks and hard work in the metal polishing efforts.  Sheen Genie removes and protects against:

  • Brake Dust
  • Water Spots
  • Bluing and Discoloration
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Road and Sea Salt
  • Tarnishing
  • Oxidation
  • Metal Stains
  • Light Rust
  • Pitting
  • Scratches

By using a chemical reaction which targets metal oxidation, Sheen Genie enjoys a wide versatility and reputation among experts and in the metal polishing industry.  Sheen Genie is not petroleum based, which means that it does not leave behind a residue, adding to the overall look of finished products.

The petroleum products will also provide a way for the metal surface to oxidize and get dirty a little faster.  The reason is because it will stick to the scratches and pits.  The petroleum part of most other polishes will allow dirt and other elements to stick to the metal surface.  Ultimately, you’re shortening the life of the metal surface.  Not good.

The uses of our metal protection product are ideal of the automotive collector that wants to protect their passion and their investment.  Sheen Genie has become one of the fastest growing automotive and metal polishing product in the nation.  We offer a money back guarantee because it works so well that demand for the product increases with little to no complaints!

For the first time since Sheen Genie’s initial manufacturing, Sheen Genie is now easily available through this website.  We invite you to order a set today.  Our guarantee is that you will not be disappointed.

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