Metal Polish: The One Product You Need

As with any product, there are many varieties of metal polish that will give many varieties of results (or the lack of results in some cases). If you are taking the time to read this, then clearly you care about your metal and making sure it is well-kept. In that case, I’ve got two words for you, Sheen Genie!

Why is this the best metal polish? Because of its advanced formula that is long-lasting and requires no buffing.

  • Advanced formula: There are no other metal polish products like it anywhere. Sheen Genie has been formulated for easy use, durability, longevity, and an ultra gloss finish. This is the result of more than 100 formula concepts and tests. It took a couple of years to achieve the perfect advanced solution.
  • Long-Lasting: With more than 30 technologically specialized ingredients, Sheen Genie metal polish is a special high gloss metal cleaner and polisher for the ultra smooth and “new” look that lasts. With just a single application of cleaner, metal polish and sealer and repellent (as directed) will keep your metal looking like new for nearly 6 months!
  • No buffing: The Sheen Genie metal polish system is water based. It has none of the standard chemicals. This means there is no wax, rough rouge, petroleum products, or oils that leave residue and scratch the surface. These toxic ingredients are in the other brands. When you have Sheen Genie metal polish preventing any residue or scratching, then boom …….. No buffing required! Wipe on and wipe off in just seconds for a streak-free shine every time!

How Does Sheen Genie Metal Polish Work?

When dealing with metal, oxidation is what causes problems. What is oxidation you ask? It is the haze, rust, and bluing that happens to the surface of your metal. In the past, eliminating the oxidation meant using abrasive materials and petroleum-based materials that would actually scratch the surface of the metal to scrub off the oxidation. This process of scrubbing the metal surface scratches off and removes the pesky oxidation. However, the process also makes additional abrasions in the surface, opening the door for more oxidation.shining front grill

This means you will have to repeat this process and each time you do it becomes more and more frequent. This is because you are essentially removing the needed protective outer layer of the metal. You’re doomed to polishing more and more often in the future to keep the dull look from the surface. Not anymore!

Thanks to some advancements in the chemistry world, Sheen Genie has been able to create a non-abrasive formula that is water-based. This formula removes oxidation through a fast chemical reaction with no scratching of the metal surface or removing the protective layer. What is their secret? Scrubbing. You’re probably doing it too hard. It’s not necessary with Sheen Genie.

Once you have eliminated the oxidation, using the sealer and repellant will give your metal a new protective layer that is going to last for about 6 months. Wipe Sheen Genie on. Wipe it off. Then take a break for 6 months and repeat!

Sheen Genie Metal Polish Guide

Now that you are convinced Sheen Genie is the right metal polish for you, just how do you use it? Here are the step-by-step instructions straight from the experts.5 steps to polish aluminum

  1. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Sheen Genie product to a terry cloth or soft cloth towel.
  2. Applying some pressure, rub the cloth with Sheen Genie on the metal surface to apply the Sheen Genie metal polish product.
  3. Keep in mind that several applications may be necessary if the metal surface is dirty or has a lot of leftover oxidation or remnants of another brand of metal polishing product residue. More applications of Sheen Genie will only help increase the gloss and protection on your metal surface.
  4. After rubbing your cloth on the metal surface to apply the product, find a clean part of your soft cloth towel, or use a new clean towel, and simply just wipe off the dried product.
  5. Follow the simple instructions for all of Sheen Genie’s metal polishing products, and that’s it!

It’s that simple. No hard buffing required to see maximum results. Just wipe on and wipe off. You’re done!

Metals You Can Polish

Sheen Genie was originally made for the automotive industry. But it can also be used for tons of other items. Here are the most common surfaces that people are using Sheen Genie on:

Go ahead and try it on virtually any surface. Or at least any surface that you want to have a beautiful polished look.

What’s The Difference?

So how does the Sheen Genie compound stand out from the others? Here are some ways:

  • There are no abrasives. Abrasives are going to scratch the surface to remove oxidation. This wears down the metal and its protective surface.
  • There are no petroleum solvents or gels. These materials will leave an unwanted residue behind. This makes dust and micro debris hard to get rid of and leads to scratches on the surface.
  • It is water based. Similar to using oil-based paint versus water-based paint, this just goes on and does its job. Then you wipe it off. Easy!

About Sheen Genie

Sheen Genie started as the dream of its founder, Derek Miller. He was frustrated with the metal polishing products. He realized that the commonly used brands were using an outdated formula and technology. Derek knew that technological advancements would provide a better way. In his research, he found several situations that could not be remedied because of the abrasive nature of other products.

ultimate metal care kit

This led to his idea for a non-acidic and non-abrasive chemical reaction that doesn’t harm the metal surface. After years of hard work by many people, this revolutionary new metal polish has become one of the fastest selling metal polishes in the country.

Get Your Money Back

Sheen Genie also offers a money back guarantee. You won’t be disappointed in the use or effectiveness of the product. And if for some reason you are, just let them know what is going on and take advantage of the guarantee. So if you are looking for the highest quality, long-lasting metal polishing products, your search ends with Sheen Genie. That is if you would enjoy having a beautiful, effective finish on all your metal items. To learn more or make an order, you can contact Sheen Genie.

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