Sheen Genie Metal Polish: A Decade Later

It’s been almost a decade now since Sheen Genie first open it’s doors and attended the first trade shows of the year with revolutionary metal polish product. A decade seems like a long time doesn’t it ?! During this time our company and salespeople have traveled across the entire U.S. attending car and motorcycle shows to let people know that they have options for taking complete care of their metal surfaces. We’ve grown a lot, shared a lot, and learned a lot. For instance, did you know that Sheen Genie is built for metal surfaces and not just the automotive industry? We’ve heard thousands of different stories about people polishing their screen doors, metal salad bowls, their precious pure silver tea set, their gun barrels, and even their door handles.

Did We Learn Anything About Metal Polish?kettle that has polished brass

During the beginning we knew how effective Sheen Genie was, but we never knew thought just how effective our advanced formula would be after all these years, with thousands of car and motorcycle enthusiasts and their stories as well as personal reviews about how they were using our product. Each and every show we attend across the U.S. brings back our customers and they usually have some friends in tow that they want to show our product to. We hear back about the new techniques they’ve tested and tried to get phenomenal results out of our metal polish system.

Who would’ve believed it’s easier to remove bluing on motorcycle pipes when the pipes are slightly heated. Or that no one with any type of polishing tool or other metal polish could touch his or her baked in stains on the radiators. Yet, with Sheen Genie it’s all too easy. We’ve come across different types of polished custom jewelry fabricated with unique opals, antiquing, and hybrid pieces, rubies, silver, and even different types of gold alloys. We’ve seen galvanized fence poles polished up to a mirror with only a hand towel and polish applied. Jet racing trucks and cars brass fire mantles, golf clubs, 1500 hundred year old sunken treasure ship pieces, original light sabers the list goes on and on.

polished silver dishesProduct Confidence

Even now until this day though we continue on the look out for new possible metal items that will need to be polished. We know that everyone involved with Sheen Genie is equally as passionate about the mesmerizing results Sheen Genie metal polish produces. We love hearing customers tell us how the product works exactly how we say it does. Going to the same car or motorcycle show each and every year you have to be confident your product works. Guess what?! We’re here, year after year.

We look forward to discovering more metals and items Sheen Genie can be used on with you.

Have An Experience On Your Own?

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Until next time ladies, gentlemen, and metal polish enthusiasts!

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