Why Some Of The Best Metal Polishing Products Have Failed Over Time

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Have you suffered the frustration of using a metal polish only to see quick results that, unfortunately, don’t last? It’s common that cleaning the oxidized stains from metal and stainless steel (which, in reality should just be called “harder-to-stain-than-normal” steel because it very much does stain over time) only leads to the problem getting worse the next time it arises.
You’ve seen all of these products marketed as “the best metal polish” and probably thought to yourself, “This is really the best they can do?”
To put things into perspective, let’s first break down why metal gets stained and cloudy over time.


best metal polish

You’ve probably heard about metal polish “cleaning off the oxidation from metal”. While that’s fine to say in terms of marketing, it’s a bit misleading in terms of the actual science; oxidation is a process, not a thing that you can exactly “scrub away”.
Oxidation is when oxygen combines with another element. This can happen slowly over the surface of metal, steel, or iron, or quickly as with burning wood. Essentially, oxygen atoms combine with the atoms of an element and break it down.

The Problem With Most Metal Polish

Most metal polishes use abrasive materials – often petroleum-based – to deeply scratch the surface of the metal and “remove the oxidation” (which is to say, remove the outer layer of the metal that has been oxidized).
Here’s the problem: this creates a lot of damage to the surface of the metal, causing abrasions which are a breeding ground for even more oxidation. This is why the problem only seems to get worse over time; you’ve removed the stains but at the cost of removing the protective outer surface of the metal, allowing oxidation to occur again – and this time, much faster.
In short, you’ve just created more work for yourself to get the same results.

How Sheen Genie Differs

best metal polish

The reason people consider Sheen Genie the best metal polish is because it’s the product of advancements in chemistry that can remove the stain of oxidation with a non-abrasive, water-based formula that, through a chemical reaction, removes the stains.
This means 2 things:

  1. You aren’t causing all that damage to the metal that other metal polishes do, and
  2. You don’t have to scrub so hard!

Finally, one of the biggest factors that separate the best metal polish from all the others is this: once the stains are removed, Sheen Genie’s sealer + repellant creates an added protective layer on the surface of the metal which can last for 6 months in extreme cold or heat.
This is why Sheen Genie is the best metal polishing product you can find. It not only removes stains resulting from oxidation gently, but also adds a protective layer after you’re done. This means less work while applying, and less work after you’ve applied it as well.

How To Use Sheen Genie

  1. Add some to a terry cloth or soft towel (about a quarter-sized amount).
  2. Give it just a bit of pressure against the metal surface and start rubbing it in.
  3. Now, get a new terry cloth or soft towel and wipe off any of the dried product.

It isn’t any more complicated than that! Just remember, it may take more than one application, depending on the state of the metal. If you like our product, let us know and give us a review! You can also check out our other products here, including our anti fog spray for those foggy windows!

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